FlipNomad’s Photo Thursday – Dancing Prisoners of Cebu

So you think you can dance??? Check this out!

FlipNomad's Photo Thursday - Dancing Prisoners of Cebu

Dancing Prisoners of Cebu, Philippines

These prisoners can dance and you could watch them live in Cebu! Ask around some hostels if they could arrange a tour for you. This project seemed to have improved the conditions of the prisoners according to the project director.

Check them out in Youtube!


  1. I’ve watched a number of those videos- but didn’t know that you could watch the prisoners perform?! You mean they’ve become like a tourist attraction?

  2. They usually perform every last Saturday of the month.For some reasons,they did not perform last February and this month.Watching the inmates dance is a different experience.You tend to forget you’re inside the prison and watching “criminals” because you’ll surely have fun!

  3. Very cool shot! I’ve heard about this before 🙂

  4. Yes! I heard about this when I was in Cebu but I was just going to miss the next performance. Looks like pretty epic.

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