Kuta – My First Impression

Kuta is one of the famous backpacker’s circuit in the 80’s together with Kathmandu and Khao San. A lot of backpackers pass thru Kuta en route to other destinations in Bali such as Ubud, Lovina and others.

After enjoying a couple of decades of popularity among backpackers, Kuta is now a developed beach side property where a variety of businesses fluorishes.

It’s way different from what I’ve seen though in Ubud but development is development and we could not stop it. The huge number of tourists did bring a lot of business opportunities but to a certain cost to the local community.

Kuta - My First Impression

Ground Zero – Remembering the Bali Bombing

If you’re thinking of going and staying in Kuta for awhile here are some information that might be able to help you travel cheaply.


If you’re travelling with a tight budget, the best place to look for affordable would be Poppies Lane 1 and 2. Check out Arthawon in Poppies Lane. As of the time of writing, single room cost 60,000 Rupiah and double room cost 80,000 Rupiah. Alternatively, you could also stay at Taman Mekar (with Wifi and breakfast) for 125,000 Rupiah for a single room, 150,000 Rupiah for double and 175,000 Rupiah for triple, it’s not a bad deal, we stayed at Taman Mekar for around nine days.

Legian Street

Legian Street


Kuta has so many dining options but if you’re looking for affordable eateries, go where the local eats. A rice meal with vegetable and fish would cost you just around 6,000 -10,000 Rupiah. Buy your bottled water at Indomaret (near the roundabout) for only 2,100 Rupiah per 1.5L. Be wary that convenience stores along Poppies Lane have different prices (even if its from the same chain – ex. price of the same bottled water in two Circle K Marts are different for some reason I dont understand).


Kuta has so many taxis that could take you anywhere you want. The cheapest and safest way would be to ride the Bluebird Taxi. Bluebird Taxi uses meter so you wouldn’t have to worry about haggling. The only trouble would be, most (if not all) taxis in Kuta look like Bluebird taxi.

How to Identify The Real Bluebird Taxi

1. Blubird Sign on the hood of the car.

2. Bluebird ID of the driver is displayed

3. Driver is wearing a blue polo with Bluebird logo printed on it

4. There’s a rear body number which is also printed on the sid eof the car

5. Sun screen logo of Bluebird

These are just some of the distinguishable signs of a real Bluebird taxi.


Kuta has more shopping options than Ubud. Poppies Lane and Legian Street will already give you so many choices. But if you want more, you could go to kuta Bex, Discovery Mall, Arts Market and Kuta Square. Best buy in Kuta would be surf and swim clothing and accessories.

Touristic Activities

Kuta Beach

Surfing, swimming, sun bathing and partying seems to be the favourite activities amongst tourists in Kuta. If you want to visit most of the temples in various parts of Bali, I suggest that you rent the car and discuss your desired itinerary with the driver.


  1. a great reference when i go to bali. first time to see the bali bombing memorial.

  2. Another place on my list. Thanks for this useful tips.

  3. I don’t know why it’s you I always run to whenever I need help with planning trips. Your words are always an inspiration and make me want to travel as far as I can. ๐Ÿ™‚

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