Kompong Khleang Tour with Tara Boat

Tonle Sap is one of my favorite destinations in Siem Reap. It gives me a chance to see and observe the life of Cambodians living near the lake. I’ve been to two different floating villages in Tonle Sap and it still never fails to captivate my heart. My first trip was to Chong Kneas and this time, I went to Kompong Khleang with Tara Boat.

Kompong Khleang Tour with Tara Boat

Brief Info About Tonle Sap

Tonle Sap is the biggest lake in Southeast Asia and it plays a major importance in the lives of Cambodians. The lake provides bountiful harvest to the fishermen and it also provides sustenance to the rice producing farms around the lake. There’s quite a huge number of people living around the lake and a lot of them are living on floating houses.

Tonle Sap becomes even bigger during the wet season and floods the surrounding area. That’s why most houses that you’ll see near the lake are either built on stilts or floating houses.

kompong khleang

Our Tour with Tara Boat

We were picked up by a van at around 8AM and drove at least an hour before we arrived at Kompong Khleang. Our very eloquent tour guide Mr. Soupond, gave us bits of information about various things that we saw along the way. He even explained to us various products that a certain village produces.

Upon arrival in Kompong Khleang, Mr. Soupond invited us to take a walk in the village to give away some books, notebooks and pencils to the children.

kompong khleang

Giving has always been a very rewarding experience, especially for the one who is giving (IMHO). And the children who received them were very appreciative and never failed to say “Orkun (Thank You)”.

The Australian family that we were travelling with were very humbled by the whole experience. I think that they made the right decision to bring their children on their travels. IMHO, Travelling is one of the best medium to educate the young ones. I personally dream of taking my younger siblings with me if budget permits in the future.

kompong khleang

Around the village, I was able to get close to observe for a short time how it was like to live there. I noticed that Kompong Khleang’s main product is dried fish. A lot of houses are drying up the fresh catch of the day. Mr. Soupond explained to us that these will be later on transported to other cities to be sold in the market.

kompong khleang

kompong khleang

After the short tour around the village, we then proceeded for an hour and a half boat tour around the lake.

Just like Chong Kneas, Kompong Khleang has an entire community living on the lake. There are floating schools, stores and residential houses. School children are even paddling their small boats from their houses to be able to go to their school. It’s such another eye opener for me who grew up and spent most of my life in a huge metropolis.

kompong khleang

kompong khleang

After cruising around the waterway, we stopped for awhile and marvelled at the huge expanse of Tonle Sap. Just like my first impression when I first went there, it doesn’t look like a lake for me. It’s like an ocean that never ends.

tonle sap

My Kompong Khleang tour with Tara Boat is indeed a great experience and I will definitely visit some other villages in Tonle Sap in the near future.

Tara Boat is one of the main boat tours operators in Tonle Sap. Some of the tours they offer include Kompong Phluk, Chong Kneas, Kompong Khleang, Preak Toal Bird Sanctuary and the most popular among tourists is the sunset cruise in Tonle Sap.

If you want to book a tour, you may email them at info@taraboat.com
or call their booking line on +855(0)92 957 765. You can also place a booking on their website.

kompong khleang with tara boat

Editor’s Note: This trip has been made possible by Tara Boat.


  1. I absolutely agree with you about using Tara River Boat. I made the same recommendation on my reviews of Tonle Sap Lake and Kompong Phluk at Trip Advisor. In contrast, we visited Kompong Phluk on our own and we felt that we got ripped off.



    • thanks for sharing your review… i heard that its really cheaper to book it through tours instead of DIY because of the high prices of the boat…

  2. I have always wanted to go to Angkor Wat, but because there’s no direct flight from Manila to Cambodia I passed up every opportunity and decided to go elsewhere. But now that Cebu Pacific will start serving this route starting April 19, I might give it a try this time. i will take note of all the information you have shared about Cambodia in you site. Thanks Flip!

  3. This sounds like a wonderful trip. But I do wonder about to social repercussions of handing out “gifts” to the locals, rather than going through a charity. In some places, it can lead to awkward racial relations when tourists are seen as (for lack of a more sensitive word) vending machines. But I don’t know this area, so I certainly am not criticizing you.

    • flipnomad says:

      i see your point, i thought though that the books and school supplies would be helpful for those children that received it 🙂

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