Five Steps in Finding Cheap Flights

Airfare is arguably the biggest expense in any travels and it could easily bust your budget if you aren’t careful in booking. And you don’t have to spend on airfare that much if you follow these five simple steps:

Five Steps in Finding Cheap Flights

1. Research: Regardless if you’re looking for Los Angeles flights or just local flights around the Philippines

, researching online and offline could help you save a lot of money. Check out various online flights consolidators website and compare their prices. As soon as you find a good deal from them, check the airlines’ website and compare their prices again. You’ll get a good chance of finding a great deal. Also check newspapers for various promotions from different travel companies.

2. Be Flexible with Dates: When you are booking online, check the nearest date from your desired flight date. Sometimes there’s a significant price difference that will make you consider booking your flight on another date instead.

3. Plan Ahead: Most airline promotions are serving future travel dates. Most of the times, the promotions are for flights a few months ahead of the booking period. Take advantage of these great promotions and you’ll surely be able to save some money from your airfares.

4. Use Travel Credit Cards: You might be able to enjoy some travel freebies and other perks if you use travel credit cards or credit cards that has a partnership with airlines or frequent flyer clubs. Some credit cards offer free access to airport lounges, travel insurances and other stuff. Some credit cards could also give you points for your purchases which you could also redeem for some free flights. Check with your bank to learn more information. If you don’t have one yet, contact various banks and compare the benefits.

5. Sign Up to Miles: If you travel a lot, you should sign up to the frequent flyer miles club of the airlines that you use. You might get free upgrades if you reach a certain miles status. If you’d be able to bank enough miles, you might be able to redeem it for free flights to various destinations.

I hope these steps help you find cheap flights from wherever your destinations may be.



  1. These are all good tips for finding cheap flights, we try to use them all and especially like to use a credit card that allows for free flights when we accumulate the necessary points. You can’t beat free! Thanks for the tips!


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