How to go to Ubud, Bali from Yogyakarta via Mt. Bromo

There are a variety of ways on how to go to Bali from Yogyakarta. You could commute to Probolinggo and take the ferry to Bali or alternatively you could book a package thru one of the travel agencies in Yogyakarta which I find very convenient. Average cost that I saw was around 230-250,000 Rupiah.

Alternatively, you could book a Mt. Bromo tour that would take you all the way to Denpasar which we did.

Average cost of this trip was around 330-350,000 Rupiah. It includes van from Yogyakarta to your hostel in Cemoro Lawang, overnight stay in hostel, breakfast and transport to Denpasar (or back to Yogyakarta).

If you want a transport to the viewpoint and to the foot of Mt. Bromo, you’ll have to pay an additional fee. I booked my tour thru Cecko Tours that can be found in Gang II in Malioboro. We never had a problem except that the van that we used broke down a couple of times. Good thing that we’re not following any schedule so we didn’t bother at all.

The Mt. Bromo tour starts at 4am to see the sunrise at 5am. The view was really spectacular, I almost didn’t go because I was lazy to wake up. Good thing I did because it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

How to go to Ubud, Bali from Yogyakarta via Mt. Bromo

We left Yoschi Hotel at around 11:30AM en route to Denpasar and arrived at Denpasar City at around 9:30PM. Instead of looking and transferring to another taxi, we just opted to pay the driver additional 50,000 Rupiah (per person) to take us straight to Ubud.

Yoshi Hotelย Our 2-Bedroom Loft in Yoschi

Alternatively, you can take a taxi from Denpasar to Ubud instead and it might be cheaper especially if you’re travelling in a group of three or four. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. thanks for this.this will come in handy pag natuloy ako sa indonesia,although i’m torn between indonesia and myanmar for early next year’s trip.takot lang talaga ako sa ferry ride going to bali coz i’ve heard so many stories na.

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    PS. Luv Bromo!!


  3. Wow, that is a spectacular view of the mountain.

  4. hi! i’m so glad i came across this page. i’ve been wanting to do some “unconventional” travelling, going out of my comfort zone and really breathe in the culture of the place i’m gonna visit. and initially, i want to go to bali for its rich civilization, even more so for its uncultured towns. can u give me a few tips and advice as to how i can fully enjoy this experience? i’m planning to travel with a friend mid this year and reckon to bring a trusty LP guide to bali, my backpack, a map, and a whole lotta courage. in terms of travelling by air, what’s the best (and cheapest, of course) way to go to denpasar from manila? i don’t mind taking a train or ferry to bali from jakarta for i know that’s also one way of enjoying the journey. thanks in advance.

    • air asia has flights to bali from various locations, you could fly to bali from KL, bangkok, jakarta, singapore and phuket. from manila, you could just fly via other low cost carriers to those connecting hubs to Bali ๐Ÿ™‚ enjoy your trip… always check too if there are airfare promotions as you would be able to save a lot of money…

  5. Jay Exiomo says:

    Great pictures! Anyway I would like to know how long was the trip? And what time did you leave Yogya? I’m also planning to do a Yogya-Bromo-Bali trip and I would have preferred to do it independently. But I have a very tight schedule so I’m looking at joining a tour. Thanks!


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