How to Go to Phuket from Bangkok

I’ve decided to write about this since I’ve noticed that some people are wondering on how to go to Phuket from Bangkok. Here’re are some of your options.

By Land

The easiest way to be book through any travel agencies near your hostels. As of the time of writing, it cost me 450Baht for a not-direct bus to Phuket (not recommended for those who have limited time). The bus picked us up in Bangkok and stopped in Suratthani, from there we changed bus for Phuket. Direct buses cost around 700Baht-900Baht in Khao San Road.

If you want to do it your own, you could go to Southern Bus Terminal and buy your own bus tickets to Phuket.

There’s no train that goes straight to Phuket, you could take a train to Suratthani and then go to Suratthani Bus Station so you could take another bus to Phuket Town.

From Phuket Town, you could take a taxi towards your destination or you could take the public mni buses in the market area. It’s around 15-20 minute walk from the bus station. I do suggest though that you stop for a day or two to explore Phuket town.

By Air

Various international airlines fly to Phuket from different countries. But if you’re already in Bangkok, here’re some of the airlines that you can take:

1. Air Asia
2. Bangkok Airways
3. Nok Air
4. Thai Airways
5. Orient Thai

From the airport, you could take a taxi to your destination or minibuses to Phuket Town.

Enjoy your trip to Phuket!

PHow to Go to Phuket from Bangkok

Phuket Bus Station


  1. It’s a great resource indeed. Me and my wife will be going for a 2-week Thailand to Singapore trip by March next year. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, thanks for this. Btw, how long will is the travel time? πŸ™‚

    • we took the indirect bus to phuket (change bus in surat thani) it took us a day and a half… the direct bus would take around 12 hours…

  3. Helpful! I’m collating posts about Bangkok-Phuket for my upcoming trip. Thanks, Sir! ☺

  4. I’m going to Phuket next year! I already booked a plane ticket from Airasia! I hope I can meet you on the road someday. πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks Plif this is a good resource for my upcoming trip to Phuket-Bangkok this March.

  6. hello,nice info here.can i ask if there is an available trip vice versa instead? i will be going from phuket to bangkok.what is the fastest transpo going there? thanks in advance.more power on your blog

    • Merong available bus rin papunta Bkk from Phuket pero fastest po would be via domestic flight, you can check Bangkok Airways, Nok Air and Air Asia Thailand. Enjoy your trip πŸ™‚


  1. […] then upon arrival to Bangkok spend a day or two and catch a bus or train up north to Chiang Mai or down south to Phuket. It’s also fairly easy to go to Cambodia overland as the border is just a few hours […]

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