Where to Shop in Siem Reap

After seeing some of the things that you can buy in Siem Reap maybe you’re wondering where the heck you’ll find those pieces.

Here’s a list of the markets that you can go to in Siem Reap.

Where to Shop in Siem Reap

Pubstreet: This probably is the next popular thing in Siem Reap next to Angkor Wat and Tonle Sap. You can find a lot of restaurants, bars and shops in pubstreet. Explore the small alleys and you’ll find some designer shops.


Poetry: One of the shops you’ll find near Pubstreet. Poetry showcases unique pieces by two Filipino designers, Don Protasio and Loven Ramos.

artisan d' angkor

Artisan d’Angkor: An organization helping Cambodian learn to become highly skilled craftsmen. You can buy their products in support to their organization. Their products include high quality sculptures, paintings, silk weavings and much more.

old market

Old Market: Probably the biggest market in Siem Reap that caters to tourists and locals alike. You’ll find a variety of interesting stuff here. On the other side of the river, you’ll find a newly built market called Angkor Arcade for more shopping stalls.


Angkor Trade Center: An small air-conditioned mall near the Old Market. There’s a supermarket, a bookstore, Pizza Co. and Swensen’s on the ground floor. There’s a small gaming arcade on the third floor.

night market

Night Market: You’ll find almost the same stuff being sold in Old Market. But it’s still a nice market to visit.

D Books

D’Books: New and second hand books being sold here.


Rogue: Selling new and second hand ipods and tshirts. Check out their website for other services that they’re offering. another shop selling Apple products is iOne2u located on the main street in front of Hotel de La Paix. Authentic Apple products which probably is one of the cheapest stores selling Ipods and Macs in Southeast Asia (8Gb Itouch at $229 same price with US).

central market

Center Market: Near Hotel de La Paix, sells the same items as Old Market.

lucky supermarket

Lucky Mall: You’ll find here a supermarket, an electronics shop, an appliance center, a Nokia Shop and a couple of restaurants. There’s a newly opened Japanese buffet on the 3rd floor.

angkor museum mall

Angkor National Museum Mall: Selling genuine Cambodian arts and crafts.

1961The 1961: A boutique hotel, gallery, shop and restaurant in one place. You’ll find a lot of nice items here like one of a kind accessories and clothes made by Loven Ramos. You could also buy artworks by local artists.

And when you get tired visiting all those market, you might wanna try feeding the fishes with your dead skin cells. (LOL)
fish massage


  1. cool tips. I’m looking to buy a couple of cool t-shirts there this coming November πŸ™‚

  2. I’m LOVING all these posts as of late because SE Asia will be part of my upcoming RTW trip. I’m sure I’ll be able to benefit from almost every post. Thanks for putting out all these tips.

  3. your recent posts on siem reap is making me miss the place. demmit! haha.

  4. wow that is some amazing shopping stores to visit! What is with the fish and feeding them with dead skin cells? How does that work?
    Love how you have photos and information about where to get everything!


    • just sit there and put your feet inside the aquarium πŸ˜‰ the fishes will take care of cleaning your feet πŸ™‚

  5. thanks for sharing Flip because im a night person when traveling. though not really into shopping except for some souvenirs but more of walking and exploring structures.

    • i love markets… i love getting surprised sa tinitinda hehe like one time i saw them cutting frogs head off… or huge mekong river fishes being pedlled… i dont buy though, window shopping lang LOL

  6. Traveling Ted says:

    You cannot tour temples 24/7, so it is nice to have a guide for alternative activities after visiting Ankgor Wat in Siem Reap.

  7. This post really makes me miss SR. I visited 4 times on my last backpacking adventure in SE Asia.

  8. Your pics project a cleaner, more swept up image of Siem Reap than I remember from early 2008. I suppose it has developed very quickly.

    • some roads are still the same lol… still muddy in the outskirts of Sr just like when I last went there last 2009 πŸ™‚ but things are improving πŸ™‚

  9. too bad i only shopped at the night market near our hotel… but then again, it’s also a good thing. i don’t have to spend as much during shopping πŸ™‚

  10. What a useful article. I’ll have to bear it in mind should I ever make it to Siem Riep.


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