Spotting Wildlife in Bangkok’s Urban Jungle

I was amazed to see that Bangkok’s metropolis still has a variety of free roaming animals (aside from the usual cats, dogs, rats and pigeons) that can be found mostly in parks.

Spotting wildlife in Bangkok seems to be not hard, here are some animals I’ve seen in this city:

Spotting Wildlife in Bangkok's Urban Jungle





monitor lizard

And my favorite animal photo in Bangkok…


And although these cats are domesticated animals… I found joy in watching them sleep.

If you wanna see some free roaming wildlife too in Bangkok, you should go to parks such as Lumphini Park in Silom or Santichai Phrakarn Park near Khao San (Phra Athit Road). Best time to see squirrels is in the afternoon when they would be scavenging for some food on the trees. You’ll see them running around and jumping from one branch to another. Monitor lizards are often seen in Lumphini near the artificial lake.

These animals are not tamed and you should not attempt to feed them because they might bite if felt threaten, best to just sit and watch and let them do their thing. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. wow! lizard climbing trees. diyan hindi ako aakyat sa mga puno. pero galing kasi may squirrel.

  2. Traveling Ted says:

    I have heard you can see monitor lizards in Lumphini park. Nice photo. I saw them in Khao Yai, but it would be really cool to see them in Bangkok.

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