Five Tips for a Worry Free Beach Party Holiday

Partying on the beach seems to be one of the most popular activities for weekend warriors, holiday makers and backpackers alike. Lots of people love having a nice dinner while watching the sunset, sipping on cocktails, dancing and having a great time for the rest of the night. Most usually ends up with a grand time, a lot ends up not remembering a thing or two and then there’s a few who ends up regretting it due to some “awkward or compromising” situations that could have been avoided in the first place.

Before you book your flights to Ibiza, Koh Phangan or Bali, here are some tips that will make sure that you have a worry free beach party holiday.

Five Tips for a Worry Free Beach Party Holiday

1. Don’t drink and drive: You often hear this warning and we do seldom follow it. I’ve seen so many guys in Koh Phangan with bandages on their arms, legs and sometimes on their heads because of motorcycle accidents. They’re lucky though that they’re still alive. Driving drunk on the winding roads of some island spells disaster.

2. Keep your valuables safe: Theft is a common nuisance in some party islands but it’s not the only reason why travellers lose their valuables

. I personally have forgotten some valuable items in a bar or in some other place especially when I’m drunk. Mobile phones, cameras, wallets are probably the most common stuff left behind by their drunk owners. Bring a small bag with you so you could put them all in one place. And avoid leaving them on your tables as well.

3. Avoid party pills, drugs and other illegal substances: Possession and usage is illegal in most countries and I think I don’t need to elaborate more on this.

4. Practice safe sex: Keep yourself protected from the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted disease or unwanted pregnancy by using condoms.

5. Keep a Positive Attitude: At the end of the day, a great party starts and ends with a great attitude. You could go to the trendiest bar but might not enjoy it if you don’t loosen up and let go of the small hassles that you might encounter along the way.

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  1. Another great tip is maybe to know your limits. I think now that I am older I know how much booze I can handle, and especially in a foreign country where I don’t speak the language I am less likely to get hammered and possibly loose sight/track of things and myself. I see a lot of young people on holiday and they get so shitfaced, then the next day I have to hear them complain loudly to each other over breakfast about how they don’t remember getting so retarded and how did they manage to loose their stuff? So dumb. If you want to get drunk, that’s fine, but know when to say when. Getting obliterated is not the best way to party-especially when you don’t remember anything the next day. Geez, I sound like an old fart. But thats just my opinion.

  2. Avoid party pills and drugs hehe, sounds like you had some interesting nights? You should add, don’t take unknown party pills and drugs. I have heard a few stories of when Thai locals gave some backpackers a date rape drug and robbed them while they were asleep.

  3. Some great common sense tips there. I’m ridiculously paranoid about losing my valuables while I’m out drinking. I stood vigil over my camera last night at a beach party here in Bronte, haha.

    I never did get back my favorite t-shirt after losing it in the Yasawas though 🙁

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