Deja Vu in Nha Trang – Life is a Beach!

Going to Nha Trang from Siem Reap is an exhausting journey (primarily due to the reason that it’s very far from Siem Reap). To make the trip less arduous, I decided to cut the trip into different segments. First leg was Siem Reap to Phnom Penh where I spent a night and took another bus to Ho Chi Minh and waited for almost the whole day and then took an overnight bus to Nha Trang.

This would be my second trip to this beach loving city and I enjoyed it a lot. Last time I went there I only spent around three or four days, this time I was there for almost three weeks. Spending more time in one place made a huge difference. The trip was less stressful and I had time to enjoy hanging out on the beach without worrying on any schedule.

I like this city. Nha Trang has the convenience of city living with a clean beach to boot. It may not be as cheap as Cambodia but it sure is a nice place to visit.

Here are some tips that could help you enjoy your trip to Nha Trang.

Deja Vu in Nha Trang - Life is a Beach!

1. Novotel and Sheraton offers themed nightly buffet and seafood buffet on weekends! I went once to Novotel and it cost 375,000 Dong/person (excluding additional charges), it’s considerably priced well because I did enjoy their food. Especially the shrimps and smoked salmon.

2. There’s an affordable breakfast buffet for 90,000 Dong at Vieng Dong Hotel and 65,000 Dong at Hai Lau Hotel (I’m not sure if I spelled this right – this is near Nha Trang Center).

3. You can go shopping at Nha trang Public Market or if you want to be a more comfortable, to Nha Trang Center which is a small shopping mall fronting the beach. Isn’t it nice.

4. Go to the mud spa and treat yourself well. Some hostels can arrange transportation for you.

5. There’s a lot of water sports activities available for tourists such as parasailing, jetskis, banana boat rides etc. Go to Sailing Club near Ana Mandara beach resort and you’ll see small shops offering those services.

6. Be careful walking around at night, especially if you’re drunk. There seems to be quite a number of motorbike theft happening around (just got this warning from the hostel owner).

7. Go to Bien Thu or Hoang Hoa Tham if you’re looking for affordable accommodations. I didn’t find a fan room though so I booked an $8 room at Ha ‘Son (located in Hoang Hoa Tham). The room is fully air-conditioned, with cable TV and own bathroom and terrace. Not bad for $8 eh.

8. Some street peddlers are selling grilled seafood on the road. You might wanna try this.

9. There’re plenty of second hand books being sold at Bien Thu.

10. Stroll in the afternoon and enjoy watching people flying kites near the monument that looks like a huge tulip.

nha trang landmark

Have you been to Nha Trang? Feel free to add your travel tips on the comment below.


  1. Great tips Flip! Besides the night market and interesting food options, Nha Trang wasn’t really the best spot in Vietnam for us. The beach wasn’t that clean and inviting! Although Chichi managed to find an adoring fan:

  2. it’s nice when they place some beach and water activities on places like these. so staying there for a week wont be too boring.

  3. OnAndOffResident says:

    If you have the time do get out of the tourist area and cross over the Tran Phu bridge to experience great sea food and a quiet beach. It is only 3-4 km from the main beach. You can even take the bus #4 for 3-4000 VND.

  4. Woot! The beach part and the seafood buffet is quite inviting! If given the chance, i’d love to stay there and not rush hehe.

  5. Would love to visit that mall fronting the beach! 🙂

  6. The mud spa sounds fun!

  7. Directline Holidays says:

    I remember when I travelled Vietnam 5 years ago, we spent three weeks travelling from bottom to north of Vietnam. We visited Nha Trang and did the boat party, that was a laugh. Fun & games alongside with Vietnamese people being sea-sick! Old days!

  8. yeyyyy! thanks for this post…we’re travelling to vietnam next month and definitely goin to nha trang too 🙂


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