Chiang Mai Night Market: 10 Funky Products

There’re so many markets to go to in Chiang Mai. The most popular would probably be the Saturday and Sunday Market and daily night market near Panthip plaza. There’re even more markets when you go outside the Old City and most tourists that don’t go here to trek, usually go to Chiang Mai to shop.

If you’re into selling novelty products, I think that this is a good base to start from since the nearby small villages in Chiang Mai seemed to be manufacturing a lot of the products you see in the shops such as painted parasols, wooden carvings etc.

Aside from the usual clothes, bags and shoes, here’re some products that I think you would find interesting.

Chiang Mai Night Market: 10 Funky Products

Wood Carvings

Vintage Toys


Rag Dolls

Sculpted Candles

home designshemp toys


Some stalls are also selling lucky amulets, some items that seem to be old relics (I dont know where they got those) and a lot of HMong inspired items.

Make sure that you bargain hard but politely since most of them are willing to give those items for a lower price.


  1. You really can find some interesting things in Thai markets. Brings back a lot of memories for me. Love the photos.

  2. LOL, this is so true! There are some really ‘quirky’ things on offer at the CM night market. You did a nice job of capturing them with your photos.

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