June 2011 Wrap Up

Let me interrupt you for a short while from reading my Hanoi series with this June wrap up post. June marks the beginning of the monsoon season, it also means low season for the travel industry. I was in Luang Prabang for the first half and I’m now in Chiang Mai. The weather is expected to worsen as days go by and I’m hoping that I wouldn’t be exactly on the road when typhoon hits mainland Southeast Asia.

Today marks my 97th day on the road as well. I left my home last March 24 and started the trip in El Nido and then flew out of the country. How was it so far? It’s been great and challenging as well. As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, this trip’s purpose is not only to do sightseeing but as well as discover opportunities for online entrepreneurship. Flipnomad (although monetize) is actually not the online business that I’m looking at because it’s a blog and I’m not sure how sustainable it would be. A very good news for this month for Flipnomad, Google has been very generous to my site and gave my blog a Page Rank #4. Thanks Google! (Update 7/19/2011: My PR went back to 3?!? Did I just got slapped by Google?)

The online business that I’m looking at is the static informational website that I’m currently building (this is apart from the previous new sites I mentioned to you in my May 2011 Wrap Up post). I do hope that the time and money that I invest on this one would pay off after a year or two. I’m excited to build more projects as I move along.

This month of June, I found an online organization that helps local people by providing them loans through its members. I’m ecstatic about the idea behind it because I think that people are capable of creating a better life for themselves if given enough support. Check out Kiva.org for information. The idea is people from different parts of the world chip in until they achieve the amount being loaned by an individual. You can help someone by giving out a loan for as small as $25. The repayment might take a while but it’s ok. The people that benefits from this are small local entrepreneurs.

I like people who are helping themselves and who are fighting the obstacles and challenges of their lives with the hope of having a better one. It really says a lot about their character.

I’m also minimizing my online activities to give way to “creation time”. I always find myself spending hours and hours in Twitter and Social Media and I realized that it didn’t improve my productivity. I’m cutting down my online ”work time” and spend more time writing articles and reading books instead.

Blog Updates

Anyway, here’s what happened in Flipnomad this June.

Most of my posts this month was about Beijing and Hanoi. There’s so much to write about these places but I just focus on information that you might find useful on your trip.

This month of June I was lucky to have a chance to interview great modern day travellers such as Lara Dunston of Gran Turismo, Mike and Luci of 1000 Fights, Lois Yasay of WeAreSoleSisters, Keiichi Iwasaki and Mr. Jojo and Mrs. Gina Antonio (who climbed the basecamp). I’m so inspired by their respective stories.

June also marks the beginning of a new segment here in Flipnomad titled “Ask the Nomads” wherein I’ll be asking the opinion of different travel bloggers about a particular travel related topic that i wonder about. Check out this month’s conversation about probable reasons why tourists are hesitant to travel to the beautiful Philippines.

I also released my first Ebook about Backpacking Tips for Southeast Asia. Go grab a FREE copy.

Biggest Boo Boo

I committed a huge travel mistake on the night of June 29 and good thing that I noticed it immediately. I stupidly overstayed for a day in Thailand. I thought I got a 30 days entry stamp when I entered thru Chiang Khong and to my horror it was only 14. And I noticed it on my 14th day. If you’re doing an overland trip around Southeast Asia, please check your visa expiry. Overstaying is illegal and they say that if the police caught you, you might go to jail. Good thing I was able to fix it by going thru the immigration in Mae Sai the following day. The process was a breeze though and I paid 500 baht for the fine.

June 2011 Wrap Up


  1. I think i need to lessen my time online as well. I just realized that although i’ve been productive the past few weeks in terms of blog posts, i think i can do more if i just learn to close the Facebook and Twitter tab, which is quite distracting hehe.

    I’m glad that your hardwork in building the other site is paying off. Congrats for the PR4 ranking!

    I need some creation time for you-know-what. Keep safe, Flip and thanks 🙂

    • thanks for the warm wishes 🙂 i know you can do it… wishing you goodluck too on your projects 😉

  2. Cool that it wasn’t a super big deal. What a busy June for you Flip!

  3. Wow, your June was simply busy 😀

    I wish you good luck on your online business. Keep safe 😀

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