Stress-Free Holiday Tips

We all do it – despite the intentions of a holiday being to relax and unwind, we all get ourselves wound up and stressed before we’ve even gotten on the plane. So how can we make sure our holiday is the tranquil and calm break it’s meant to be?

Firstly, make sure you’ve done all the research before booking. There’s nothing worse than travelling all the way to a destination only to find it’s not what you were expecting. Take the time out to read hotel and resort reviews, something as simple as being next to a noisy bar when you wanted peace and quiet is enough to ruin a holiday.

Stress-Free Holiday Tips

Research the attractions and activities too, you might have found a fantastic hotel but it’s pointless if it’s in the middle of nowhere. Go there with an idea of what you want to see and do, this also allows you to work out how much money you should expect to spend. Researching the local restaurants and bars can also give you a heads up on how much things cost, and finding this out earlier can give you the chance to save a suitable budget, rather than finding you haven’t got enough money when you get there.

You might not want to think about it – but look at everything that could go wrong. We’ve all seen those poor holiday-makers on the news who’ve been left stranded at an airport because of an airline strike or freak weather storm; make sure that’s not you. Insurance doesn’t have to cost a fortune, for example – worldwide travel insurance from moneysupermarket can cover you all year round for anywhere in the world; and it’s much cheaper than taking out one-trip policies. Being prepared for the worst means you can sit back and relax, knowing that you’ll be covered whatever happens.

About a month before you go, scour your holiday wardrobe and work out what it is you’ve got and what you haven’t. Plan your outfits for the evening, then you’ve got enough time before the holiday to purchase anything you need, and it saves stressing when you’re on holiday about what to put on.

Stock up on all the essentials early, most stores place offers on sunscreen and travel tablets etc. before the school breaks begin, so make sure you get them in time. Getting everything you need before you go means you don’t have to spend more when you’re out there buying creams and tablets you’ve run out of.

Most of all, enjoy it! There’s no point saving your hard-earned cash and carrying out hours of planning if you’re just going to stress all week long. Don’t regret it, and make it an enriching experience which will create lasting memories.


  1. Nice post. I definitely agree that research is very helpful before you get to your planned destination for your travel. Thanks for sharing.

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