Three Spanish Cities that I Want to Visit

Spain has always been on top of my travel bucket list maybe because with the curiosity of what their culture is. Spain colonized my home country, the Philippines for more than 300 years and even named the country after their King. Nowadays, quite a number of Spanish still travel and visit my country and I’m wondering what it would be like for me to visit theirs.  Some people suggested to get an all inclusive holidays deal to enjoy what the country has to offer while other suggested to couchsurf and stay with locals to get to know the cities through their eyes.  Well, it will all depend with the budget.

Among all the possible places that I want to see, three cities stood out from the list.


Three Spanish Cities that I Want to Visit

The Spanish capital is on top of the cities that I’m very much interested to visit. Madrid probably is one of the most popular destinations in Spain (if not the most popular) because of the abundance of cultural attractions that the city offers. I want to visit Museo del Prado (said to be one of the world’s finest museum of European art) and Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia which is Spain’s Museum of 20th century art. I also want to experience the nightlife in Madrid that most European travellers that I met have told me about.


La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

One of the main reasons I want to visit Barcelona is to see the La Sagrada Familia up close. I frequently sees it every time I look at European architectures and I think that it is indeed a masterpiece. Aside from visiting the usual museums and galleries, I also want to visit Barcelona’s beach. A lot of travel magazines have quoted in the past that it’s one of the best beaches in the world.


One of the famous tourism destination in Spain that I want to go to is Granada. The city of Granada is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains and where you could see a convergence of three rivers. Granada is also a good place to see Islamic and Moorish architectures. As I am writing this I could not help but imagine getting lost in the streets of Granada, discovering small pockets of gardens and  being fascinated with magnificent architectures.

How about you? Which city in Spain fascinates you the most?

Photo Credits: Museo del Prado by Sagrada Familia by kevinpoh/


  1. I guess I would like to explore Madrid the most but after your blog, Barcelona looks great too. My kid wants to basically spend months there exploring the place. She loves the Spanish culture and really wants to see it all. Great article as always! W.C.C.

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