One Thing I Hate About Travelling

I spent my last afternoon here in El Nido working on my site and reading some other travel blogs while chilling in the small bar of Marina Garden. Afterwards I’ve decided to visit the cool folks that I met here and became friends with to say goodbye. I couldn’t believe that twenty eight days (Mar24-Apr20) had already passed and it’s now time to leave.

This is one thing I hate about travelling.

It’s sad but it’s a fact of life of every traveller to bid goodbye to the people that they become acquainted and friends with. The moment we arrive wherever we intend to travel to, we know that in a few days, weeks or months we’ll be leaving, say our goodbyes and continue our life on the road.

One Thing I Hate About Travelling

This time around I said goodbye to some wonderful people who generously shared a bit of their life stories with me.

I met a lady who currently works as a waitress/cashier in a restaurant in El Nido town who dreams of setting up a small store someday in Bucana (another district of El Nido) selling processed feeds for pigs. She told me a lot of funny story about her experiences here in El Nido. We had good laughs listening to her story about how their neighbour’s monkey escaped from its leash and attacked her. She said that she didn’t got injured though and everyone around her ended up laughing about the incident.

I met a tour guide/boatman who shared his story of struggle and his dream to own his own boat someday. He started as a helper when he was a kid to his father who owns a tour boat but they later sold it to pay the hospital bills of his brother. He did a lot of odd jobs around Manila and Palawan to help support his family’s needs. He’s now working for a German guy who generously let them use his own boat so they could work, earn and save some money.

I met a lady who sells fish balls and other deep fried snacks. I always bother her and ask her a lot of stuff about El Nido. She’s originally from Pasig City but she moved to El Nido when she got married to a guy who’s originally from here. She told me about how they got a house in Gawad Kalinga Sunset Ville by working a thousand hours building their own home. She also shared her dream to have her own restaurant someday.

I met four wonderful kids that I use to play with every morning. We use to setup mini-traps on the beach by digging holes and covering them with sand and wait ‘till some passerby falls in. It’s just knee-deep though and the game always ends up with bursting laughter from everyone including the person who fell. They also taught me how to catch ghost crabs.

I met a lady who’s selling the cheapest Halo-halo (only P15) in town and I often spend almost an hour eating Halo-halo and chatting with her. In my twenty eight days of being here, I saw how she was able to expand her Halo-halo business to a mini sari-sari store.

I met three nice folks that work for my neighbour as cook and household help and they often tell me stories about Taytay (another town in Palawan). They told me about the farms that their families have and their plans for it. They also told me about animals that can be seen in the forest such as monkeys, bear cats, pangolins, peacocks, etc. The older lady shared with me her plans of retiring soon from work and just plans to sell fruits and vegetables coming from her farm. The guy shared with me his stories when he was still back in Taytay and his adventures in the mountains and in the nearby islands. He enthusiastically told me about how he found a sleeping sea turtle when he was snorkelling in Taytay.

I met a cool lady who’s originally from Davao but decided to setup a restaurant here. She shared her story on how they built the restaurant from scratch. We always hang out in her restaurant and she often gave us recommendation on where to go. On my last week I helped her setup her wifi password and almost caused her more troubles. But after a few tries I was finally able to set it up.

These are just some of the people that made my stay here in El Nido worthwhile. Every word written in this post is a symbol of gratitude. I sincerely hope and pray that the universe that conspired to help me achieve my dream of travelling would also conspire to make their dreams come true.

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  1. youre lucky to have stayed there for a month. its a very nice place. nice people too

    • you can stay there too for that long…. just look for cheaper accommodation so it wouldnt hurt your pocket that much… 🙂 el nido is such a lovely place…

  2. I feel for you Flip. Sometimes I wonder if by being a traveler we were meant to say goodbye to every person we’ve made a connection with. But I know it’s never a goodbye so much as a ‘see you later!’ The world is small enough for us to run into each other again..

  3. Ahh now that I am on the road I know exactly what you are talking about and how you feel. It is hard, but I think its something we all know and accept. We will be good friends for that moment and time and then bid farewell.

    • if we’re travelling though in a particular circuit like southeast asia sometimes we bump on each other again 🙂

  4. Saying goodbye to new friends sucks, especially when you’re going back to travelling alone, which is what usually happens to me! These days though it’s so much easier to keep in touch online – I’ve met up again with people I’ve met while travelling months or even years down the road. So there’s that 🙂

  5. Ang galing mo naman with people!
    I wish I am like you in that aspect, mahiyain kasi ako sa tao pag nagta travel ako and I always keep to myself mostly.

  6. Wow you met some incredible people in El Nido. Saying goodby is always hard but you will take them with you and what you gave them will stay! That said, saying goodby is the worst.

    • saying goodbye is the hardest part of travelling… and we have to do it every now and then in our travels…

  7. The friends we make along the road make traveling even more worthwhile. Though we may say goodbye or may never see them again, the memories shared will always be there.

    • so true… after the five seconds awe at the beauty of a particular place, its the people that makes the travel more memorable

  8. I must say that is so true. It’s like theory of relativity, when you like what you’re doing, you don’t notice time has passed and has to bid farewell.

    BTW, for the record, I’ve been dreaming to go to El Nido. Maybe one day, someday. Will definitely read more of your posts about it.

    Great post! *winks*

  9. you know how i am flip, posts like this make me want to end my career and start living. this is the main reason why i travel, to experience how it is to live like a local. You did everyone proud by being able to share and inspire both the locals and us reading your post.

  10. May Ann A. says:

    This article is simply beautiful. Everything about why I want to travel is written word by word. After reading this, I felt so inspired and stoked about going to Palawan this July and I think you’ve just inspired me to want to stay in El Nido for a longer time. Thank you! 🙂

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