Makinit Hot Spring: To Go or Not to Go

Makinit Hot Spring is part of the inland tours being offered by travel agencies in El Nido. Since we rented a tricycle to go to Nacpan and Calitang Beach, we have decided to pay a visit to this place as well.

Makinit Hot Spring: To Go or Not to Go

El Nido - Makinit

El Nido - Makinit

El Nido - Makinit

This is what you have to go thru to get to the hot spring.

El Nido - Makinit

I didn’t take a dip because the water is too hot for me unlike the one in Coron which is a bit tolerable. The road is also slippery and muddy.

If you decide to visit the hot spring, WALK ONLY ON THE WOODEN PLANKS. I fell on an almost thigh-deep mudpit, luckily I was able to grab hold of a tree branch.

This is a fun activity for those who loves short treks.

Photo Credit: Pics by Frameless World


  1. I would so fall in if that narrow wooden plank was all I had to walk on!!

  2. awst! umiwas ka sa putikan pero nahulog ka ng tuluyan. hihi grabe ka, sinuyod mu tlga El Nido! 🙂 Did you go to the cave kung saan my archeo diggings, some of my archeo frnds are there pa ata doing field.

    • di ako umiwas sa putikan, dun ako lumakad, di ko akalain na may malalim akong putikan na maapakan…hehe

    • hindi na ako pumunta dun sa Ille Cave eh… maybe when I go back to El NIdo.. I’ll visit that place…

  3. sa Caramoan I remember on the way to the cave we passed by a similar path, with muddy soil around the wooden planks, then my feet fell off, went knee deep in mud, I had a hard time pulling my leg out of it. Lost my slippers in the mini “Kumunoy” it was fun though.

    • haha buti hindi rin malalim, ang bilis bumulusok pababa ng paa, nakakatakot kung malalim yung kumunoy…

  4. Would not want to fall in that thigh deep mud pit!

    • flipnomad says:

      i was shocked as well when i fell (and its not just thigh deep) we tried to put a very long piece of wood to grab the other piece of my slipper that fell and we could not hit the ground yet, maybe it’s a few meters deep

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