Lazy Dogs in El Nido

There’s an abundance of dogs in El Nido. Some of them roam the beaches of Corong Corong, a few of them can be found in some islands and some of them are roaming the main road en route to Bgy. Maligaya or more popularly known as the El Nido town proper.

Having been bitten by a dog once when I was younger, I’m always cautious in approaching dogs. I’m even more cautious whenever I cross paths with some crazy barking dogs, especially now that I’m travelling and not covered with any health insurance at all. I’m paranoid about contracting rabies which is as we all know fatal to humans.

Lazy Dogs in El Nido

I asked our neighbour which is apparently a doctor about rabies situation in El Nido. He frequently receives patients about various medical concerns but he said that he never had treated anyone about dog bites in the past two years.

Dogs here are lazier than dogs in the city. You’ll see most of them lounging on the beach staring at the grandeur of El Nido like most tourists do.



Just in case you get unlucky and get bitten by a stray dog, you should immediately clean it with soap and warm water. Afterwards, cover it with a piece of gauze or clean cloth and immediately visit a doctor so he could check if it needs to be stitched. Sometimes, you’ll be given antibiotics and the dog will be monitored as well. Rabies is fatal to humans so everyone should take necesarry precaution.

After administering some first aid, you can go immediately to the town health vcenter or better yet visit Dr. Nestor Reyes at Bgy. Corong Corong.



  1. JODYxBUFFY says:

    There is likewise an abundance of wild dogs in Tibet. I was doing a kora lap around a revered stupa when two large dogs attacked me from behind and left several punctures on my right buttock. After I picked myself up, I noticed that no one else was harassed. But then I realized that I had been walking anti-clockwise around the stupa rather than clockwise. Apparently these canine sentinels disapproved of my faux pas.

    • oh my… ive never been attacjed by dogs while travelling… but thats scary shit… lol maybe they disapproved your anti clockwise walk around the stupa 😉

  2. Hey Flip! thought of visiting your blog today, wanna review your budgeting tips. currently on the road, sleeping at the train station. namumulubi na ako! haha thinking of doing CS na. Learning a lot (the hard way! argh!) for my nxt big trip.
    Hope everything is well in your end there in El Nido! =)

  3. takot ako sa dogs sa koh tao, nag-take out kasi ako ng hotdog sandwich sa 7-11. hayun naamoy! ha ha

    • syet! hinabol ako ng 4 na aso kahapon… di ako tumakbo pero parang lumabas kaluluwa ko sa takot akala ko mangangagat… huminto naman sila…

  4. Isa yan sa mga pinaka ayaw ko na part pag nagta travel, kaya madala I have my tripod with me, pwede rin ipangsaling sa mga nanghahabol na aso hehe

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