Halo-halo: Best Dessert in the Philippines

One of my most indulging activities here in El Nido is to eat halo-halo every other day. I try my best not to eat it every day though in fear of becoming diabetic at the end of my one month stay here.

Halo-halo: Best Dessert in the Philippines

Halo-halo is a Filipino delicacy of assorted sweetened/candied fruits topped with shaved ice and milk. The basic ingredients here include: banana, sweet potato, nata de coco, kaong, pinipig (rice crispies), sago(), gulaman (jelly), langka (jackfruit), ube (yam), garbanzos and white beans.


The more expensive halo-halo in the city contain more ingredients. Sometimes they add corn kernels,mongo, custard and ice cream to make it more sweeter and flavourful.

It’s a bowl of goodness that will definitely shoot up your sugar level to heaven.

And for only P15 here, who could resist such offer.

halo halo

If you’re a foreign visitor travelling around the Philippines, make sure you try this food. You’ll surely enjoy it.


  1. wow, 15 lang! samin 25 tapos parang hindi edible. =))

  2. the thing on top is ube (yam) 🙂 im not a big fan of it though…

  3. sarap din ng halo halo sa kanto kanto lang.
    pero razon’s is really the shiznit..atleast for me =)

  4. I’ve been craving this for so long that I went straight to Chowking for my halohalo fix. Of course, nothing beats the one I used to eat in the palengke in Davao.

  5. wow! that’s cheap! i refer to it as mix-mix when I let my foreigner friends try it. hehehe. nagcrave tuloy ako ng halo2x ngayon! 😀

  6. Great flavours! In the Philis I loved that Coke is so cheap, thought that Jollibee kinda sucks, and found eating Balut quite an experience! Have you tried it? It is an awkward meal for sure…

    • i’ve tried balut but im not a big fan of it… i love halohalo though and hate to say it but i love jollibee chickenjoy 🙂

  7. I so agree. I miss halo-halo in the Philippines. My favorite is one with the real ube, real leche flan and more ube ice cream on top. Sarap!!

  8. pinoy boy journals says:

    halo-halo is something we can be proud of, uniquely Filipino!

  9. I looove halo-halo! And like my (native/local) boyfriend, I’m always on the lookout for my top 3 favorites. Razon’s style is pretty good and I also like the Coconut House halo-halo in Quezon City circle!!!

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