Crab Wrestling in El Nido

The neighbouring kids here in El Nido usually keep themselves busy by playing with small crabs that they catch from the shore. It’s almost similar to what I used to play in Manila when I was a kid. In the city, we usually catch spiders and have them fight each other.

Here the kids catch crabs and do the same thing. Crab wrestling is like a fight between two crabs which is more gruesome than spider wrestling.

Crab Wrestling in El Nido

Kids searching for crabs

Crab wrestling2
Pouring water until the crab gets out of it’s hole.

Crab wrestling1
Digging the crab out.

Crab wrestling5
Succesful hunt!

Crab wrestling
Digging another one!

Crab wrestling8
Let the battle begin!

Crab wrestling10
2 Points for the one on the right!

Crab wrestling9
The one on the left bites back!

The crabs have strong claws that they use to tear their enemies into pieces. The losing crab usually ends up dead or if they’re lucky, alive but only left with a few legs.


  1. cute.. hehe.. I wanna try this too. (frustrated gagamba fight player)

  2. Parang laban gagamba lang dati ah =P

  3. why not!!!!kung meron nga sa gagamba.pwede din to.sana nga lang di sila magtakbuhan baka racing ang

  4. Hindi nakatungtong sa stick… walang choice kundi lumaban. Haha!

  5. Great action photos! Natawa ako sa comment ni Batang Lakwatsero. I have not seen a gagamba fight in ages.

  6. interesting post flip. i like small stories like this 🙂

  7. may pustahan ba diyan? he he


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