Expecting the Unexpected

I got my Chinese Visa yesterday (finally) after two hours of waiting at the Chinese Embassy. Took a glance on it and checked if all the information is correct. I checked if there’s any misspellings or whatnot so I could have made it corrected while I’m inside the embassy. There seems to be none so I just went home right away.

I took a look at it again and to my surprise I only got seven days. This is by far the shortest visa I ever received from any country that I’ve applied to. I thought I got 30 days only to realize that I’m looking at my previous visa.

Expecting the Unexpected

This is one thing that I hate and love about travelling, it’s full of unexpected twists and turns. So as of this time, I’m planning alternatives.

Options that I’m looking at include:

1. Extension
2. Re-entry
3. Let it be and just move forward to another country

So why the heck am I drafting alternatives as early as possible? I want to stay on the road as long as I can and I have the smallest unthinkable budget (as of now). Planning major items of my trip such as airfare and entry and exit points will either generate a huge savings or a huge expense.

Some people really don’t bother about these small details anymore. Wish I have tons of money like them. But for poor backpackers like me, some planning and good timing is always my biggest leverage.


  1. Uh oh. When you applied for the visa, did your bring your plane ticket with you already?

    • yes plane ticket and hostel accommodation booking too… i found out that those are the only things that you need if you have a previous Chinese Visa…

  2. hmmm..if I rmmbr correctly I read somewhere na max na binibigay na nila lately is 14 days for Filipinos. tht’s because ata of the shooting incident sa tourist bus sa Manila. ๐Ÿ™
    I thought you’ll be in Palawan this March, change of plans? Have a safe trip!

  3. It’s one of the things that put me off going to China on my travels – there were so many hoops to just through and it became too stressful!
    You’re just like me Flip – organised so that you know everything is in place and have time correct things if something goes wrong. If you do decide to go straight on somewhere else instead of re-entry, where would be the next stop?

  4. Oh no! Thats really short Flip. But knowing you, you’ll find ways. That’s a good way to look at unexpected situations while we’re traveling. It makes us very resourceful backpackers. Esp since we don’t have tons of money!

  5. hi flip!
    tama ka, planning and good timing can make a difference, tatandaan ko to para sa mga future plans at trips ko ๐Ÿ™‚
    travel safe! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. lemme know if your plans change, i might see you somewhere in a month or two. i’m looking up on my next destination!

  7. That’s too bad – seven days is just too short a time. I got 30 days when I got my Chinese visa. At least you saw it early and didn’t notice it a few days before you went there. I guess all you can do is try and get an extension and if that doesn’t work, just move on to another country.

  8. Just 7 days? I wonder why. That’s a shame…hope you can get an extension or something.

    Have a great trip there and beyond!


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