January 2011 Wrap Up

I have visited RWM, one of the latest entertainment place in Manila to check it out with some friends. It’s like a shopping mall with hotels, casinos, bars and restaurants. We checked out the casino and realized that it’s a nice place to entertain yourself without spending some money because of some freebies that they offer to visitors.

Here are some tips on how to enjoy your time in the casino hotels and resorts without spending a buck.

1. Free Coffee/Milk Tea/Hot Choco/Bottled Water: Most casinos offer free beverages such as bottled water, coffee, milk tea or hot choco. Too bad RW Manila only offer free bottled water. But Casino Filipino does offer free hot choco. Prepare your drink and go to some tables and watch how people play some games.

2. Discounted Buffet Breakfast and Free Games: When you sign up as a member at RWM. they’ll give you a discount voucher for a buffet breakfast at Merkado’s and your membership card comes loaded as well with P100 so you can try out some games. membership is free.

3. Watch Live Performances: There was a lively performance last night and I didn’t bother myself buying an entrance ticket anymore because I can see the performers from where I was standing. it’s like a P700 savings (yup, that’s how much the ticket cost).

Anyway, here’s a summary of what I’ve shared with you last January.

I featured the following travellers in my ‘Meet the Nomads‘ section;

1. Linda Martin of Indie Travel Podcasts
2. Cengiz Yar Jr of Riding Out the Economy
3. Puneetinder Kaur Sadhu of Cutting Loose
4. Adrian and Mary of Travel to Sun
5. Abby Tegnelia of The Jungle Princess

I have also started writing a series about tips on long term travelling. Here are some if it:

1. Money Matters: Choosing Cards
2. Saving Money
3. Earning Money for Your Trip
4. Choosing your Destinations
5. All About Passports
6. All About Visa

I also wrote some tips on how to survive overland journeys which I think will be very useful for those doing border crossings in Southeast Asia or anywhere in the world for that matter.

And of course, I also shared with you guys my plan to start backpacking again by March. This is in line with my pursuit of happines and hopefully you would continue supporting Flip.

I hope you’re learning some small stuff from my blog that would eventually help you live your dream of travelling.

January 2011 Wrap Up


  1. huh? thought you were in singapore! nagtataka nga ako why ron wasn’t contacting you when i was there… andito ka pala! haha!

  2. Republiq sa RWM, bro! haha

  3. Free show, free drinks (kahit water lang) in a posh hotel, what more can you ask for ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. yeah once in a while RWM is a cool place to go to. I love Republiq, the money you spend is worth it. easy on the slot machine, man! i always tell my folks that!

    • hehe ive been winning for 3 straight days, then i lost a few on the 4th so now i wont go back there para panalo pa rin overall… ๐Ÿ™‚

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