Enjoy a Romantic Night the Frugal Way

A lot of us are now planning a nice dinner with our love ones, families and friends this coming Valentine’s Day. A lot of bloggers are also now whipping articles for this special occasion. As I was conceptualizing about this article, I suddenly remember the people who have a limited budget  to spend.

How would they celebrate Valentine’s Day then?

So instead of writing about nice hotels and resorts where you could spend your Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to write about enjoying Valentine’s Day the frugal way.

Cook a Lovely Meal:

Enjoy a Romantic Night the Frugal Way

Instead of going to an expensive restaurants and paying P200-P300 ($5-$6) for one meal, why not just whip your own gourmet dish. The internet is now abundant with recipes that you could just follow. For as cheap as P250, you can now enjoy a Fish Fillet with Vegetable Salad for two. Don’t know how to do it? Check the internet.

Forget 5 Star and Split the Cost:


Single people are now celebrating Valentine’s Day as a group. A group of friends usually go to a bar and spend loads of money in drinks. You could either organize a party in one of your friend’s house or organize a party and rent a spacious hotel room. Forget 5 Star accommodations, you can now enjoy luxury at a lower cost. Instead of booking a room in Shangri-La, why not check Picasso Suites. We had a party a month ago and we got an 80sqm suite for only P4000 ($80) thanks to their 50% promo. Check out if there are promotions available. After booking the room, go to the supermarket and buy your drinks. It’s cheaper that way. Afterwards, split the cost with all of your friends, make sure that they know about this ahead of time so they wouldnt be surprise if you ask for their share.

Visit Parks:

Hoan Kiem Lake

Take your love one, friends and families to public parks. Take a stroll along Roxas Boulevard and watch the sunset. It wouldn’t be world famous if it’s not that beautiful. Go to Luneta Park or CCP and sit while you’re enjoying the snacks that you pack at home.

These are just three options, I’m sure you have more in mind.

Any place would be romantic if you’re with the person that you love.

Where will you be this Valentine’s day?

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  1. ..as long as the day stays REAL, sincere and memorable.. ayos na ako dun.. 😀

  2. I agree with with cooking a special meal for your love one, It is more personalised and the effort is always appreciated no matter what the outcome of the meal is (at least in my case:) )

  3. As they say, everyday should be Valentine’s Day 🙂

  4. shucks! now that i think about it, my lit batchmates have celebrated valentines day (we call it singles awareness day) together since 2004. now that some of them are already married, we still do this!

  5. I’ll be squashed into a tiny seat on a ten hour night bus on Valentines day… cozy? 😛

  6. As always Flip, very informative post. minsan mas masaya and mas romantic kung simple lang ang set-up!

  7. I’m making my own dinner on Valentine’s day. I’m trying to save up money so I figure I would do that rather than going out to somewhere expensive. Plus, there are a lot of dinners out there to make that are cheap, but also good to eat.

  8. visit parks! eto ang panalong gawin sa mga walang pera or mga nagtitipid

  9. tama! madame ng free ngaun fr Valentine’s! nice tips Flip! Happy Vday! 🙂

  10. Bluegreen Kirk says:

    Food looks good Flip! But I don’t travel as much so I really like to enjoy the food while I’m staying in particular city or country. I do agree though that with the internet there is no excuse for finding a recipe.


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