Three Tips to Afford a Great Villa Holiday

Have you been dreaming of great villa holidays but afraid that you may not be able to afford it? Are you tired and disappointed in going to the usual resorts? I love experiencing new things every now and then and that includes having a holiday in my own private villa (another wishful thinking) even just for a couple of days.

Main advantage of renting a villa is having that privacy that you’ve always wanted which you don’t always get in hotels and other resorts. This is also perfect for those honeymooners or couples who want to celebrate their anniversaries. Renting a villa may also be perfect if you’re travelling in a large group since some villas offer multiple rooms.

Here are three tips that could help you score that villa holiday that you’ve been dreaming of.

Villa Sitting

Invest some time on Online Research

The internet has revolutionized the way we travel and that includes booking your flights and accommodation. There are various ways on how to find deals online:

a. Check if the villa of your choice offers discounts on off peak season.

b. Check the internet for newly open villas in your chosen destination, most often than not, this soft opening offers humongous discounts

c. There are a lot of villas in very touristy places and there’s a huge chance that you’ll get one within your budget

Invest on Timeshares

If you’re a person who frequently travels with your family every year and doesn’t have much time to spend on researching then this may be the best option for you. My uncle bought one for his family and through this, they were able to experience villa holidays in different destinations. I’ve attended various timeshare talks and it seems to be a great value for some people.

Travel in a Group and Split Cost

There are villas that have one bedroom and there are villas that could have as much as 7 bedrooms. Check the difference with the price. If a one bedroom villa is $200 per night and a three bedroom is just $100 more (prices are based on Villas I checked in Southeast Asia), then it might be cheaper to grab the bigger villas and split the cost with your friends.

Always remember that there’s always a cheaper way to experience a luxurious life.

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  1. Traveling in group is probably the best deal for us to split the cost of accommodation and even transportation. I’m curious also about Timeshares but maybe I’ll look into it next time when we are traveling already as a family.

    • check timeshare claire… sometimes even without buying, just by attending their seminars you get free dinners or free accommodations…

  2. JODYxBUFFY says:

    Beware the money pit known as Timeshares. The cons far outweigh the pros. Nonetheless, I have freeloaded on timeshare sales pitches to obtain free accomodations!

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