Three Spanish Islands that I Want to Visit

I’ve been dreaming of going to Spain for a bit sometime now but due to lack of funds I will have to postpone it for now. I already have an invite from a friend I met in Thamel and all I need is to save up for tickets. I’m racking up my miles though to make sure that it could help compensate for the tickets that I will buy in the future. Good thing there are cheaper options now to fly to Europe from Asia and it’ll be easier to do an overland trip to Spain and connect to some flights to Lanzarote and other nearby islands.

Here are Three Spanish Islands that I‘ve been dreaming to visit:

Lanzarote Island

Three Spanish Islands that I Want to Visit

Pic by Fran Villena

Lanzarote is the easternmost of the autonomous Canary Islands and it is where you could see one of the great wonders of this planet, the ‘Tunnel of Atlantis’.

Here’s some information about the ‘Tunnel of Atlantis’ from Wikipedia.

“It is the world’s longest known volcanic submarine lava tube located in the Canary Islands off the coast of North Africa. The 5,000-foot (1,500 meter) long tube formed some 20,000 years ago when the Monte Corona volcano erupted on the island of Lanzarote. The erupted molten rock flowed across the land and into the ocean.”

Gran Canaria

I always see this place written all over the travel forums whenever I research on boat hitchhiking. Apparently a lot of travellers go to Gran Canaria and get in touch with some owners of yacht so they could join the journey to some various destinations like South America and Africa. What they do in return is they help clean the boats and do other tasks given to them by the ship owners.

A third of Gran Canaria is also under protection as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

Here’s some information about Gran Canaria from Wikipedia.

“This island is called a “Miniature Continent” due to the different climates and variety of landscapes found, with its long golden beaches and endless dunes of white sand, its green ravines and picturesque villages. The number of annual visitors is 2.2 million (2,200,000). Most of the tourists visit the southern part of the island.”


Tile mural in Municipal Park, Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Battle of Acentejo Pic by colros

Tenerife is the largest among the islands and serves as the tourism and economic center of the Canaries. It also hosts one of the biggest carnivals in the world, known as Carnival of Sta Cruz de Tenerife. Tenerife also has the highest elevation of Spain, a World Heritage Site that is the third largest volcano in the world from its base, El Tiede.

Here’s some information about tourism in Tenerife from Wikipedia.

“In 2005, 9,276,963 tourists (excluding those from other parts of Spain) came to the Canary Islands. Tenerife had 3,442,787 arrivals that year, excluding the numbers for Spanish tourists which make up an additional 30% of total arrivals.”

How about you? Have you been to any of these places? Feel free to share your tips and recommendations.


  1. great choices! i wanna go to spain too kahit mainland lang 🙂

    • gusto ko ma try mag hitchhike ng boat sa gran canaria or sa kahit alin dun sa 3 na may mga yate, i heard alot about boat hitchhiking and i wanna try it… i met a guy in coron who did it in the philippines… he’s a filipino photographer who once hitched a boat in navotas going to turtle islands… what a great adventure 🙂

  2. Curious din ako sa hitchhikng, especially when I met this French guy who hitchhiked on our camper van during our road trip in Queensland. He just hitchhiked his way from France all the way to Australia. He joined a container ship which had a stop-over in Haiti I think and then to Australia. He just helped around the ship and got a FREE ride, love it 🙂

  3. Great Choices, we’ve both been to Lanzarote and Tenerife and had amazing time on each one 🙂 In fact Tenerife was first place we traveled together as a couple.

    • would definitely visit it when i get the chance… for now im on saving mode 🙂 keep on rockin kirsty and poi… love your meet random travellers posts…

  4. So happy to read your beautiful post on the Canaries! I had a wonderful vacation there a few years ago. I love Spain!!

  5. so far sa mga nakilala kong spanish while around Asia, mabait sila sakin because i’m Filipino! i wonder why.. LoL

  6. Nice post Flip, I’ve been to Spain last April, 2009 on a study tour on the development of Cooperative integration in that country. We visited Madrid, Toledo, Albacete and Valencia.I dream to visit the Canaries… this time as a travel writer…hopefully.

    • im envious hehe… just kiddin… same here… hope to visit the Canaries in the future and probably try boat hitchhiking…


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