Smart Planning for Long Term Travelling: Earning Money for your Trip

As much as we all hate the concept of money, money is a reality that we all have to deal with. Money is what we think as one of the reasons why most of us are working really hard. And money is probably a good tool that can help you bag that cheapest holiday abroad (or luxurious travel) that you’ve been dreaming off.

Here’s a list of things that can help you generate money without robbing the bank (LOL):

1. Buy and Sell: Buy and sell stuff with high profit margin. Two years ago, I used to buy a lot of branded stuff in the US and sell them back in Manila for a fraction of a price and I still earn a lot. Why? Some items (especially branded clothing) are unbelievably cheap in “Outlet Stores” in US and there’s a big demand here in the Philippines, because it’s ridiculously expensive here.

Some foreign expats and tourists buy a lot of pearls here and sell it when they get home because of the same concept. It’s cheap here and expensive there. They can add a 100% mark up and it will still be affordable for their market.

Study and understand your target market and find the products that they need.

2. Get an Employment: This is the route that most of us take and this is what I think the easiest but most stressful option. This option however provides an illusion of security that most of us (even I) fees acceptable. I loathe the cubicle life though that’s why I’m looking for other options.

3. Monetize your Talent: Are you good in painting, drawing, singing or dancing or perhaps in making beautiful artworks? The world is full of people who appreciate beautiful creations and you definitely have a market waiting to support you. I had a chance to meet a girl a couple of years ago who makes a living out of creating unique earrings.

4. Sign up for an Online Job: Monetize from your skills and look for employers online. Those who are tired of doing the daily commute and routinary 9-5 are now doing this. This also gives you the flexibility of being anywhere in the world that has internet connection. I may do this as well to supplement my online income. One of the most popular online platforms is Odesk. Go and check it out.

Smart Planning for Long Term Travelling: Earning Money for your Trip

5. Blogging: I know I mentioned online jobs already but I feel that I should put more emphasis on blogging. Blogging can help you generate income

and it gives you more flexibility than having an online job. Blogging is like having your own online business. It takes a lot of time and effort though before you start monetizing. Some known bloggers are earning enough to support their family and their passion to travel. If you aren’t blogging yet, go ahead and start now.

How about you? How do you generate money for your travels?

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  1. Thank you for the tip, I’m signing up for Odesk now 🙂

    • i signed up pero i havent started yet 🙂 reach out to edcel for more information… he’s some doing odesk jobs :-

  2. sabe ko sau eh, ok Odesk, madame na gumagamit nyan. and of course, blogging!

    • honga raw 🙂 might try it to generate supplementary income… gael start moentizing on your blogs na rin so it could help you fund your travel

  3. keep on coming up with posts like this, nakaka-inspire to save up for that one big trip!

  4. Most of the time I just save money up with jobs. I try to make sure that I cut spending as much as possible so I save money quicker. I make a little bit of money with my blog and it keeps increasing each month so I hope I can earn even more that way.

    • same here… trying to make money thru my blogs so it could help me travel… also excited to work and voluteer along the way…

  5. I want to have entirely online-based income, well mostly, so that I can be as mobile as possible. So I started a travel blog and a business (paradoxfox, you can visit the site) and I want to start more, so that I’m not putting all of my eggs in one basket and if one revenue stream fails, I have others.

    Odesk seems like a great idea though, I’ve never heard of it before. Checking it out now… maybe I’ve got my next business idea… hmm.

    • thanks for sharing your ideas.. im thinking of another site din solely for business pero di ko pa sure kung anu 🙂 hope i figure it out soon 🙂


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