Great Holidays in Turkey

Turkey holidays offer visitors much in the way of tradition and a hospitable welcome. Full of natural beauty, Turkey holidays feature stunning scenery, warm tranquil seas, rocky peninsulas and serene mountains over which flow delicate waterfalls.

Turkey has a beautiful coastline and is surrounded by three seas, the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Seas. Additionally it has an internal sea; the Marmara. With so much water, it is easy to see why there are so many great activity holidays Turkey offers.

Whether you are travelling to Turkey with toddlers, teens or a large, mixed age family group, there are many Turkey holidays to suit everyone. To get the most out of your family holidays Turkey offers great destinations and you can even choose Turkey holidays with specific activities aimed at what your family like to do.

For family holidays when travelling with toddlers, choose a more relaxed pace, with activities that are suitable to include children and which provide child friendly hotels. Perhaps spend some time on the beach and then visiting ancient towns. See the Castle of St Peter and the amazing amphitheatre in Bodrum, the Library of Celsus (built by Julius Caesar) in Ephesus and the restored Ottoman houses through the winding walled streets of Keleici in Antalya.

If you have older, teenage children who want to have an adventure, then there are many activity holidays Turkey provides, such as sea kayaking, scuba diving, wind surfing and hiking.

For a great time with your family holidays that offer a mix of sea and land, there is the opportunity to relax and cruise along the Aegean coastline, taking in the scenery and stunning sunsets. Back on dry land, get the adrenaline pumping with mountain biking, canyoning and horse riding.

If you like the sound of sailing, then you could take a traditional Gulet cruise up to Bodrum. Or perhaps a cultural tour of the green, mountainous, Carian Coast, visiting ancient towns and monuments which tell of the country’s historic past. There are stop-offs along the way, allowing travellers to explore the caves, have a swim and visit pretty villages.

Great Holidays in Turkey

In central Turkey, the region of Cappadocia offers family holidays to Turkey that are wonderful. For those looking for adventurous, activity holidays Turkey offers treks through the beautiful valleys of sedimentary rock that have famously been carved out over many centuries. Camp overnight under the perfect, lunar sky and stay in local hotels full of charm, shaped by their historic past.

Take hot air balloon rides over the landscape that is dotted with amazing rock formations and secret underground cities, a few of which can be visited by tourists. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Goreme National Park and Rock Sites of Cappaddocia, are simply breathtaking.

Photo Credits: Cappadocia by ccarlstead

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