Eat and Stay Cheap

Most people picture ‘travel’ as staying in lavish hotels in Paris or shopping in Madison Avenue, New York City. The truth is, ‘travel’ can be whatever you want it to be and can be done on a budget of your choice. You may think exploring and sunbathing are the main criteria for your trip but in reality, food and shelter must always come first.

City centre restaurants and bars are notorious for overcharging due to their knowledge that a lot of tourists will not know the difference between these parts of town and the less crowded parts. Even if they did, they would probably never venture to them; tourists and holidaymakers like to act safe. It is in the restaurants and bars that are found elsewhere that you get a real view of how the locals live and for a much cheaper price too.

If you’re feeling peckish, street food is also a tasty and much cheaper option, especially when you’re on-the-go. Many countries are renowned for the variety and quality of foods on offer by street stalls, which are ignored by the cautious tourists looking for the guide-book-recommended restaurants.

Eat and Stay Cheap

One of the more expensive things there is when it comes to travelling is accommodation. Nevertheless, it is essentially needed! Choose wisely when picking accommodation and research ahead of time. There are thousands of price-comparison and budget based accommodation websites available. The hidden gems are usually the smaller, family run B&B’s or the beach side shacks; it all depends on where and when you are travelling. Known by nomads worldwide, hostels can become you best friend. Staying in a hostel dormitory is perfect for people travelling alone on a budget and can offer much needed comfort after a long days exploring.


If you haven’t managed to book in advance, don’t worry. Most tourist information centres or even local shop owners are usually willing to help or find an internet connection point to find availability nearby.

For far too many of us, travelling is just a dream. Whether it is for a month or a year, finance should not be your excuse – it can ALL be done on a budget.

This post has been written by travel blogger Rebecca Kelly

Photo Credits: Pics by Frameless World

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