Three Tips to Avoid Losing Money on the Road

So for the first time in all my travels, it finally happened to me…I lost my wallet. Well, it’s actually my fault, I went out with a friend and had some drinks in a hawker’s center in Holland Village in Singapore last October and I then boom… I lost it.

Maybe I dropped it. I retraced my steps but I didn’t find it. Along with some cash are ALL of my cards. I was such a stupid and unlucky bastard on that day. I want to share this so it won’t happen to you as well.

Here are some tips for you to avoid losing on the road:

Don’t Carry Your Eggs in One Basket

Three Tips to Avoid Losing Money on the Road

The good thing, I wasn’t carrying all of my cash. I left most of it in my bag, secured in the place I was staying in. Have a second wallet that you can easily hide in your backpack. Make sure that you also secure where you put your other money. I also used to carry a money belt before to keep money and cards but I found it uncomfortable.

Call Your Bank Immediately


If you’re really sure that you really lost your wallet and didn’t just misplace it in your hostel room, call your bank immediately. Have them suspend your cards especially your credit cards so you wouldn’t be charged for purchases that you didn’t do and lose more money. That’s the first thing that I did. You can also request for card replacement and have it shipped to you so you could use your funds. Some banks and carriers refuse to do this so you better be creative on this aspect. Take all necessary precautions.

Chain It


Some wallets have chains attached to it or some sort of lock that you can securely fastened to your jeans so when it falls off, it’s still attached to you. It may not be the most fashionable thing to do but it definitely adds protection to your hard earned money.

Did you ever lose your wallet on the road too?


  1. I’m so paranoid about losing my wallet while I’m traveling. I think my paranoia has helped me keep track of it since I only lost it once, but it turns out it was in my backpack the entire time. That was a relief. Most of the time I keep my money in a couple places so I’ll always have some money somewhere. Good tips.

    • i agree with you steve… keep the money in a couple of places… sigh… ill make sure i wont lose a dime again… i hope hehe

  2. Losing one’s wallet while traveling is nerve-wrecking. Once while in Puerto Rico, I really thought I lost my wallet and I had to backtrack my route since I couldn’t remember anything – good I still have some loose change to ride a bus back to the hotel and there it was, on the table!

    Merry Christmas Flip!

  3. Separating is my main thing. If you’re going to get full on rolled, that is one thing but most of it is just pick pockets etc… Also when I have a big stash always only have a few bills at a time so it looks as though I have little on me.

    • i agree… separatingmoney in diff pockets works too… before i travel again, maybe i’ll try to put some secret pockets on my pants and shorts…


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