Three Reasons Why You Should Travel Light

I always carry a lot of things thinking that I’ll be needing all of them whenever I travel to different places. And most of the time, I always end up using just a portion of my stuff. Do you also do the same thing? But now, I’ve learned my lesson. Travel light and Pack less stuff, here are three reasons why you should travel light:

Three Reasons Why You Should Travel Light

It’s an automatic savings nowadays if you don’t check in your bags. A dollar or two savings will definitely go a long way. In some airlines they would even charge you a fix amount for excess baggage if you exceed your allowance. Can you imagine paying for excess baggage? That money could have been used instead to pay your hostel accommodation or your next dinner.

Free Yourself from the Burden of Carrying

Walking sometimes is really inevitable in travelling. I remember the time I was looking for a hostel in the middle of the night in Luang Prabang. I walked for almost an hour asking if there’s vacancy. I wanted to ditch my bag and throw it in Mekong River because my back was aching already. If you’re travelling for a long time (I did a 6 month continuous travel), chances are you’ll be carrying it every now and then, so pack light.

Save Time

How much time do you spend packing your stuff? If you carry 100 items, chances are you’ll be spending alot of time unpacking and re-packing them every time you move to another place. Would you rather spend that time hanging out with your new found backpacking friends instead of re-packing your stuff?

Do you also travel light? Feel free to share your tips and recommendations.


  1. I travel light also, though my camera and sometimes I bring the laptop, both of which represents like 70% weight of my pack. But i do bring few sets of clothes…same when I go on hiking trips only the essentials like tent, stove, lightweight cookset, (i ditch the sleeping bag – coz its not that cold inside the tent) and very few sets of clothes…and minimal water.

    • haha i use to carry a lot… but wont do that anymore… at the end of the day… the basic stuff seem to be enough to help me survive…

  2. everyone should learn this! especially #1, pack less, save more!

  3. If one can’t help packing heavy, then at least use the hipbelt on the backpack. If used properly, the hipbelt can make a substantial difference in carrying comfort. Think of your backpack as simply an oversized fanny pack, but with shoulder straps. The weight should be borne on your hips and not your shoulders. I am forever amazed at the number of fellow backpackers who do not use their hipbelts.

    Personally I limit my backpack weight to 10 pounds, even for cold mountainous climes.

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