Travel Souvenirs That Won’t Hurt Your Pocket

Do you collect stuff from your travels? I used to buy a lot of small trinkets and stuff like that until I realized that it makes my backpack heavier and after travelling for six months (continuously) I realized that it eats up my money and weigh me down as well.

Here’s a list of what I came up collecting instead:

1.Passport Stamps and Visa Stickers: I love seeing my passport full of stamps. Whenever someone asks me about my travel collection I always say my passport stamps and visa stickers from different countries is what I collect.

Travel Souvenirs That Won't Hurt Your Pocket

2. Friends: I don’t collect people hehehe… what I do is I interact with as much people as I can and try to enjoy the moment of travelling with them. The people that I met on the road made my trip very memorable and fun. I also keep in touch with some of them thru email. I have some travellers that I met four years ago that I still keep in touch with.


3. Flag Patches: This won’t cost you a lot, maybe it won’t cost you more than a dollar for a single patch. I buy them then sew them over my backpack. And whenever I see my backpack, the flags remind me of the adventures that I’ve had.


What do you collect from your travels?


  1. I really like the list you have here. All 3 of those things are awesome things too collect. I think Im gonna go with the 1st 2 plus magnets. I wanna find unique magnets made in each city i visit and collect those. I have a cousin who has travelled extensively and she has a metal wall in her kitchen filled with magnets. It really looks so cool with magnets from all over. Yeah it will be alot of $$$ in the end but it will be worth it to have them all to look back.

  2. @jaime: magnets would be cool. let me know once you visit the philippines, there's a lot of magnets souvenirs from here 🙂


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