Top Four Ways to Earn Miles Without Flying

How to Travel the World for Free:

Tip#3: Earn Miles without Flying

Most people who fly frequently doesn’t bother anymore in earning miles without flying. For cheapskates like me, I scoured the internet constantly researching on how I could get my most coveted free air ticket.

I’ve been lucky enough to earn some miles using the following:

1. Miles from Airline Partners: Most airlines have non-airline partners such as banks, hotels and other merchandising companies. You now can earn miles through online shopping, sending flowers or renting a car and other stuff. Check out your favourite airline’s websites for more details. I’ve never tried earning miles through online shopping, but I’ve earned a lot of miles through hotel stays.

2. Answer Surveys:, one of my favourite websites gives me 5 miles for every survey that I answer. I already accumulated 500 miles last year which I deposited to my Asia Miles account. The surveys are short, maybe around 5-15 questions each and it won’t last you 5 minutes to answer them. Sign up now and start earning miles.

Top Four Ways to Earn Miles Without Flying

3. Join Airline Promotions: A couple of years ago Northwest had an anniversary promotion wherein you just have to answer their trivia and if you get it right, you’ll earn some free miles. I was able to accumulate almost a thousand of free miles just by joining their online contest. Checking your favourite airline’s website frequently does pay up sometimes.

4. Use Your Credit Card: Check out Get Miles from your Credit Card and How to Ear Miles Fast from your Credit Card



  1. These are great ideas. I'm going to have to check out now. It might take a while to build up miles, but eventually you'd get there. And this would save money too which means more traveling.

  2. yup it'll take a while but still worth the time… 🙂 especially during those idle times… when's your next trip steve?


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