How to Travel the World for Free: Get Miles from your Credit Card

How to Travel the World for Free

Have you always fantasized about travelling the world but feels that you don’t have enough money to spare? Well, worry no more… I’ll be sharing tips and tricks on how to travel the world for free.

There are countless of opportunities that exist around us that we take for granted. These are things that when given an additional strategy can help us travel the world, one destination at a time.

I’ve decided to come up with this list of tips to help my friends and my fellow travellers get on the road.

How to Travel the World for Free: Get Miles from your Credit Card

Tip #1: Get Miles from your Credit Card

This will vary depending on where you are located. But for those who are in the Philippines, there are various credit card companies that have business tie ups with some airlines. Instead of earning points, you’ll earn miles.

What are the Cards that Offer Miles?

1. HSBC Mabuhay Miles: You earn one Mabuhay Mile for every P45 you charge on your credit card. You can redeem your free flights to PAL as soon as you accumulate the corresponding number of miles.

2. Standard Chartered: You earn one point for every P10 charged to your credit card. You have an option to convert your points to miles (example: 2860 points for 500 Asia Miles). You can convert to either Mabuhay Miles, Asia Miles or Kris Flyers… talk about options huh!

3. Cathay Pacific American Express Card: You earn one Asia Mile for every P42 you charge on your credit card and the miles will then be automatically transferred to your Asia Miles account every month… talk about convenience huh!

4. Go Mastercard: Use your card and earn points than can be redeemed for a Free Cebu Pacific Flight

5. BPI Skymiles:It used to be called BPI Worldperks, but to the merging of Northwest and Delta, the name has been changed to BPI Skymiles. You earn one mile for every P45 you charge on your credit card.

6. Citibank Premier Miles: This is by far my favorite miles card. It gives you the flexibility to transfer your miles to Cathay Pacific Airways, Delta Air Lines, Philippine Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways. You also earn one mile for every P45 you spend. You earn free travel insurance once you charge your ticket to this card and it will never expire.

Kindly check with your banks the updated terms and conditions for these cards.

(Note: Check out the credit cards respective websites to get more details.) Next Week: How to Earn Miles Fast???


  1. The Nomadic Pinoy says:

    I'm so glad you featured this. US banks are so generous that I took advantage of one card which offered 30,000 miles after being approved and spending some $ – enough for a free domestic ticket! I wish those in the Philippines could be just as generous.

  2. ive been using my mabuhay miles for quite some time now and planning to redeem and use them by end of the year.

  3. @dennis: banks here are so stingy. when you sign up for a citibank they'll only give you 1500 miles… banks in us are like giving them away easily… hope they increase the free miles

    @ dong: where would you go?

  4. This blog post is really helpful, i just got my BPI Skymiles card and now earning miles from it. Thank you so much 🙂


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