How Much did I Spend in Sabang

Before we go to the cost of the trip, I just want to give information on how to go to Sabang, Puerto Galera.

The most convenient way would probably going to Buendia and take a bus going to Batangas Pier. From Batangas Pier, you actually have a lot of choices, you could either go to Muelle, White Beach or Sabang.

How Much did I Spend in Sabang

Ticket Area

Batangas Pier
Waiting Area

If you’d like to know how much did I spend in Sabang, here’s the breakdown of my expense:

Jeepney from House to Bus Terminal7.00
Bus fare167.00
Terminal Fee (Batangas Pier)30.00
Environmental Fee50.00
Boat Fare to/from  Sabang460.00
Accommodation for Two Nights1000.00
Food and Drinks for Three Days855.00
Terminal Fee (Sabang Port)10.00
Bus going to Manila167.00

You could still go cheaper if you want to by sharing the cost with a friend and by adjusting the food expense. 🙂 Happy trip!

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  1. pinoy boy journals says:

    almost P3K for your trip, wheeew that was cheap! i never knew Sabang could be so cheap! Good Job!

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