How to Earn Miles Fast from your Credit Card

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Tip#2: How to Earn Miles Fast from your Credit Card

Last week, I’ve shared with you various credit card in the Philippines that can help you earn miles that you can exchange for a free ticket. This week I’ll be talking about how to earn miles fast.

There are various ways on how to earn miles fast from your credit card, here are some of them:

1. Charge Everything to Your Card: Charge your movie tickets, groceries, gas, etc to your credit card. Make sure that you plan this properly to avoid being in debt with your credit card company. I only charge what I can pay in a month. This is to avoid paying those high interest rates that they charge.

2. Let Them Ride: Let your friends ride on your credit card, as long as they can pay you in cash. I usually ask my friends if they’re planning to buy something and I usually swipe it for them and they always pay me in cash. I immediately pay my bank to avoid incurring interest. The last quarter of the year might be the best time to do this because most people are gearing towards buying high-end items using their hard earned 13th month pay. Swipe it for them!

How to Earn Miles Fast from your Credit Card

3. Party and Earn Miles: Do you fancy going out for dinners with your friends? Then why not pay the bill using your credit card. We usually go Dutch, collect their share and pay the entire bill using your card.

4. Be on the Lookout: One time I was browsing the net and I saw a promo from Philippine Airlines. You get to redeem a roundtrip ticket to Hongkong from Manila for only 4000 Premier Miles. Watch out for this kind of promotions and you’ll be flying in no time.

Warning: Do not follow the above instructions if you’re not in control of your finances. You might end up in debt if you don’t pay on time. Credit Card is a tool that can either help or break you. Make it help you!

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