The Laidback Town of Coron

After less than an hour of plane ride, we finally reached Coron, Palawan. I was excited because I’ve planned of visiting this place for about three years now and I always end up re-routing my travel plan. Good thing I had some tickets booked last year from Cebu Pacific which helped me not to think twice in going to Coron.

The view from above was really amazing especially after seeing some islets that really look like some island paradise although I consider the flight from Siargao to Cebu as a more scenic one than Coron.

The Laidback Town of Coron

The airport is small, clean and nice and the staff were really courteous. The vans that will take you to the town are just waiting right outside the airport which makes it very convenient. The drivers were very polite and courteous as well which was definitely a breath of fresh air compared to the other places that I’ve been to.



It cost us P150 per person for the transportation from the airport to Coron town and approximately 30 minutes travel time.

Coron town is a very laid back town with a relax ambiance. I instantly liked it. Me and my bud started walking around to explore the town. There were houses built on water which is pretty amazing although the drawback is, the water quality seems to be deteriorating. It’s a little dirty with some garbage as well. I felt sad for the marine life living at the edge of the town.


The market seems to be the focal point of the town. It’s a small one and you wouldn’t miss it. It’s also where the boats for the island hopping are docked.


The town is dotted with some “should-be-cheap-but-not-cheap-and-i-dunno-why” eateries and some mid-priced restaurants.

There are also a lot of accommodations to choose from. If you have the bucks to burn, you can go ahead and book a room in Club Paradise or alternatively you could just stay in the cheapest  (P300/night) yet decent hostel in town which is Sea Breeze.


The rooms are small but comfortable and the shared bathrooms are a little clean, perfect for backpackers and cheapskates like me.

There’s also a disco house for the partygoers, I forgot the name but you wouldn’t miss it for sure because it seems that it’s the only establishment of its kind.

Generally I find Coron as a relaxing town, perfect jump off point for your island hopping getaway trip.


  1. hope to hear more tips in you Coron adventure. I still have a lot of places I haven't explored in the Phils.

    i'll wait for the next entries! 🙂

  2. thanks… check out the old ones too 🙂

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