How Much Did I Spend in Coron

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy your trip. If you’d like to know how much did I spend in Coron, check out my expense table below:

Taxi to Airport75
Airfare to Coron327.2
Terminal Fee (Manila and Coron)220
Shared Accommodation for 2 Nights300
Bottle Water Refill15
Lunch at Bistro Coron305
Dinner at The Old House140
Airport to coron Twon (two way)300
Island Hopping Tour650
Rent Snorkelling Mask100
Dinner and Drinks (Crabs and Beers)300
Airfare to Manila (Promo Cebu Pac)97.2
Bus to House31

How Much Did I Spend in Coron


  1. Travels with RV says:

    WOW! this is the best working budget on a Palawan trip I've seen on the net thus far! Exploring Palawan from North to South has never been this exciting. I'm saving the best domestic trip (which is Palawan) for last 🙂 Thanks for sharing Flip!

  2. you're welcome RV.

    thanks to the airline promotion, i was able to save a lot…

    wish i could expolore the other areas of Palawan too.

    keep on travelling RV.

  3. thepinaysolobackpacker says:

    what?? Php 327 fr the airfare? anung airline yan? thnx for sharing this Flip, very helpful. I'll do coron maybe nxt year pa, pinaghahandaan pa. hihi

  4. @gael: zestair ;-)and go to sea breeze (you can ask the van driver to drop you off there), room is only for P300, cheapest island hopping is with corongaleri… i was caight offguard with the beauty of coron… AMAZING!!!

  5. Thanks a lot for the information, Now these are details that I can really use when I'll be able to drop by Coron one of these days!

  6. you're welcome ed 🙂

  7. journeyingjames says:

    nice! saludo ako sa mga ganitong budget.

  8. thanks… para makabyahe ulit… you might be interested in this article…

    i saw your blog… naaliw ako sa backpacking mo ng below P250 a day… nice!!!

  9. sa island hopping, kasama na yung entrance per place?

  10. yes chyng, kasama na

  11. libre yung shuttle from busuanga airport to town AND vv?

  12. whoa bakit ang mura?! 😛

  13. nope… thanks for reminding, P150 sya one way…

  14. hi dinggay, it's because of the promo airfare and cheap accommodation 😉

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