Meet the Nomads: Ron Cruz

Meet the Nomads: Ron Cruz

I came across fliptravels while trying to find other Filipino backpacking/travel blogs online. Ron and Monette (authors of fliptravels) travel around the country and Asia as well.

Ron’s planning to conquer Shanghai, Beijing, Borneo, South Korea, Nepal, Europe in the future.

Get to know him at FlipTravels.

Below is Flip’s short interview with Ron.

How did you discover your passion for travelling?

“I started traveling alone at age 20 (very recent) when I decided to leave my parents house and be independent. With a Backpack and money from saved allowances, I walked around the country, from Ilocos to Tawi-Tawi. I found the unfathomable joy of being a stranger. I promised myself to start traveling once I can afford it.”

What’s the most horrible experience that you’ve had on the road?

“It was in Gubat Sorsogon back when I was 21. I was traveling alone, It skipped me that 5PM was the last trip back to the city. So I walked along the rough road, dark and en-caved with lush acacia trees hoping for a private vehicle to hitch back to the city, but to no avail. Then I came across a man wearing shorts and a plaid shirt, carrying a gun, he literally accompanied me to the nearest parish church, but also offered his hut for the night in exchange of the canned goods in my bag. Turned out he’s an NPA. I was so horrified for my life that my knees were wildly trembling. But it turned out OK, we became friends.”

What’s the most outstanding travel experience that you’ve ever had?

“It was when I first saw the Angkor Wat. The sight of the gopura behind the trees, almost made me drool. I swear, I heard a choir of angels singing symphony #9.”

What’s the biggest realization that you’ve got out of travelling?

“I realized that traveling is more than just posting the pictures in facebook and telling the whole world that you’ve been there. It’s a dynamic learning experience. The world is a beautiful creation, a gift from someone and we shouldn’t miss it. Our planet is a book, and we can only flip the pages if we travel.”

What keeps you going? What keeps you motivated?

“Some pages of a notebook, a “to do” list that I wrote back in high school.”

This is a silly and hypothetical one. If you would be given a chance to travel with a popular person or a celebrity, who would it be and why?

“Ian Wright. Simply because of the fact that he pretty much knows how to play the game. I’d love to ride his crazy, fun, down and dirty caravan.”

What could stop you from travelling?

“Changes in priorities. Traveling is like riding a boat in an open sea. Once the wind starts blowing to a different direction, that’s the time to pull the sails down. But now, I can say that I am at the prime of my singlehood so might as well make the best out of it while I can.”

Among the places that you’ve been to, which one fascinated you the most?

“OK this may sound a bit pageanty, but I would say The Philippines. It’s amazing how a plethora of colors, cultures and anthropological textures co-exist under one flag. The flavors, sights and sounds can excite the most jaded senses.”

What’s the best travel advice that you could give for a novice traveler like me?

“I too am a newbie, but like what I am telling everyone: When traveling, one should take his time, don’t hurry up, sit down and savor the place. Immerse, talk to the locals and blend-in like a member of the community.”

What do you think about yourself?

“I am a self proclaimed artist, photo hobbyist, nurse with a camera, wanderlust and a backpacking enthusiast. An ordinary looking corporate creature with a neck tie used as disguise, I transform into a traveler extraordinaire when I’m on Vacation Leave. I am allergic to tour packages, iced caramel machiato is the source of my powers and camera is my weapon of choice.”


“FLIP’N TRAVELS is a chronicle of two Filipino backpackers roaming our planet on a shoestring budget. The blog is a great reference site for newbie travelers, as we give advice on how to get around, what pitfalls to avoid and where to find the best places to score a good deal. The site consists of 50% Photos and 50% stories of our adventures and misadventures during our trips.” – Ron

Next: Dave Bouskill of The Planet D. Previously: Toni White of Reclaiming my Future. For more interviews with travel bloggers, check out the archives of Meet the Nomads.


  1. i lurve this meet the nomads portion 🙂

  2. flipnomad says:

    thanks dexter

  3. W.C.Camp says:

    Yeah this is very informative. I think traveling is an important part of understanding the world. You visit the most exotic places. While in California, USA I used to drive a limousine. I helped some guy who had too much to drink get back to his car. He opened his briefcase and pulled out a loaded 44 magnum but not to threaten me – to SHOW ME???? My first instict was to turn and run but I thought I would get shot in the back. I calmly took the gun and removed the cartridges and put it back in his briefcase. I wanted to call him a cab but he insisted on driving himself home. He offered me a job too, but then again he drunk!

    Thanks for your blog. Really fun stuff. W.C.C.

  4. thepinaysolobackpacker says:

    I probably encountered a lot of NPAs during my travel to remote places, they just dnt carry guns.;) They're smart people, they know who their enemies are, so if ur merely traveling, they won't harm you. 🙂 I like this interview, perhaps because i can relate, i also transform into a traveler during my VLs. haha

  5. FLIP'N TRAVELS says:

    Thanks for this one flip!
    Cheers! 🙂


  6. flipnomad says:

    cheers ron

  7. Thanks for such a wonderful post…


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