Boracay’s Jonah’s vs Starbucks

Jonah’s Fruitshakes and Restaurant has been in the island since time in memorial. I’m not a frequent visitor of Boracay but even before the first time I set my foot on this beautiful island I kept on hearing how delicious the shakes are at Jonah’s.

I remember the first time I visited Boracay last 2005, the first thing that I started to look for was Jonah’s. I did try their famous Mango Shake which I can say is very delicious and I also tried the Banana Choco Peanut that captivated my heart or rather my taste buds.

Boracay's Jonah’s vs Starbucks

Last February 2010, I went back to the island and went to Jonah’s again for my sweet treat of Banana Choco Peanut, and as I was walking along the lit beach front of Boracay I noticed a familiar signage… “Starbucks”.


As a consumer and a big fan of sweet concoctions I got confused for awhile if I would go straight to Jonah’s or I would just stop at Starbucks. I decided to walk past Starbucks and head to Jonah’s for my day’s dose of sugar.

While sipping my shake, I couldn’t help but think on how long could Jonah’s survive the business, especially now that they have a very strong competitor when it comes to ice blended drinks.

Boracay does not only have Starbucks, but also other big and established restaurants and fastfood chains from Manila. Boracay became a small city-like island with white sand beaches. What would happen to the small enterprising locals then in the islands?

Well, it’s for us consumers to decide. Whoever you patronize will survive the competition.


  1. pinoy boy journals says:

    my favorite is choco banana, every time i am in boracay that's it.. and maybe chori burger too. he he the last time i was in boracay there was no starbucks yet. i've written in one of my entries how boracay has become so convenient for everyone. there's too many choices of restaurants to eat, bars to go to, heck there's even a carousel and i don't know if there is still a ballet school or skating shop, last time i was there i saw the shop. i wouldn't be surprised if there's a mini SM there very soon. very funny!

  2. @jerik: exactly what i was thinking too, a mini sm might kill the small businesses in boracay but at the same time provide employment to a lot of locals. im not sure though if it's good or bad for the island ?

  3. FLIP'N TRAVELS says:

    the banana choco peanut, though really divine, is too heavy for me. I bought a glass for merienda and I couldn't eat my dinner that night. Oh, and if you want to kill your diabetic mother in law, give her a trip to Jonah's.

    {i hate you Flip, now i'm craving}


  4. flipnomad says:

    hehehe ron

  5. Tom Volpe says:

    What a shame when the big chains turn up to spoil a really cool place. One of the things I loved about Melbourne when I was there was that they were shutting starbucks not opening them!

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