In Transit: Masbate Islands

I don’t know anything about Masbate except for the fact that one of our neighbors used to live there. The only reason why we’ve decided to go to the island was to take another boat that would take us to Iloilo.

Here are some facts about Masbate from

“Like an Indian arrowhead, Masbate lies almost at the center of the Philippine archipelago with its tip pointing towards the north of Asia Gulf extending towards the China Sea. The island province sprawls with verdant rolling hills and green landscape and rich aquatic reserve. The wild wild west comes alive in the island every year. Every May, the country’s local cowboys flock to the capital town of Masbate to display their power over untamed cattle during its festival called Rodeo Filipino. In this international fair, the arena burst with fun and excitement and shouting.”

The boat ride from Pilar, Sorsogon to Masbate City took around four to five hours and cost us P200 per person. It was such a scenic and relaxing boat ride where we saw a lot of small islands with limestone cliffs and we saw some dolphins too.

In Transit: Masbate Islands

We only spent one night in the city and we went straight to Kalachuchi the following morning where we would take the boat to Iloilo.

Unfortunately, there were no boats going to Estancia, Iloilo that day but there’s one that’s going to Roxas, Capiz the next day. We’ve decided to spend the night on the boat instead and wait for the Capiz trip.

The place looks like a fishing village. There were a lot of local travellers that were also bound to Iloilo that stayed on the boat like us.


Due to extreme boredom, we’ve decided to make some fishing rod out of some tree branches and some nylon strings that we just found somewhere. We didn’t find any hooks though so we ended up just throwing everything away.

I bought some bread and threw small bits into the water that attracted some fishes. I was so bored and at the same time excited for the trip to Panay Island.

I’m sure there are a lot of nice places to see in Masbate but we didn’t explore that much anymore because we were excited to do an overland trip in Panay Island to Boracay.

After more than twenty four hours of waiting, we finally left Masbate for Capiz. The boat ride was around eight to ten hours and cost us around P400.

masbateA family traveling to Roxas from Masbate


  1. The Ancient Digger says:

    There are so many islands I have never heard about or seen. This one surely adds to the list.

  2. flipnomad says:

    I agree. There's just too many that I don't know of, even in my own country 🙂

  3. pinoy boy journals says:

    good gracious, masbate must be that one place most travelers often overlook.

  4. flipnomad says:

    i agree… masbate might be full of surprises 🙂 it's the transit point though of travelers en route to panay island…

  5. Cagayan de Oro City says:

    Masbate has lots of nice beaches according to a friend of mine.

  6. juliet justado says:

    thank you sir for your blog. i just wanna share this recent trip of my Papay. the new boat schedules where he rode. November 7,2014 friday. iloilo city via roxas city- calasuche milagros masbate-pilar sorsogon-bulan sorsogon.first trip from tagbak terminal,jaro iloilo city 3:15am to Roxas city fare is 143pesos. tricycle to banica wharf roxas city (no fixed rate,some are colorom) to some driver 200 special, but to the honest driver only 70pesos. banica wharf- calasuche milagros masbate fare 450 9am-6pm . transfer sa tricycle 200 to masbate city port. wait overnyt tambay sa port,sa bangka kinabukasan pa byhe going to pilar sorsogon. fare is 250.

    Schedule of trip
    Calasuche milagros masbate- Estancia iloilo every sunday and wednesday

    Estancia iloilo – Calasuche milagros masbate every tuesday and thursday

    Calasuche milagros masbate- Banica, roxas city- every thursday and saturday

    Banica, roxas city- Calasuche milagros masbate- every friday and sunday


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