Guimaras and Her Famous Mangoes

On our third day in Iloilo City, we’ve decided to visit Guimaras Island. Guimaras became a household name because of its mangoes and also because of the oil spill that happened a few years back which killed a lot of the local marine and bird species. The island though has completely healed from the sad incident.

Some facts about Guimaras from Wikipedia

“Located southwest of Panay, Guimaras is separated physically from Iloilo by a narrow channel, which takes about fifteen minutes to cross by pumpboat from the Ortiz landing on Iloilo to Jordan. There are two other ways to get there, the Parola wharf in Iloilo to the municipality of Buenavista. The Parola wharf is used exclusively whenever the water is rough. There also is a roll on roll off (RORO) ferry that travels around five times a day and is used by the Iloilo bicycle clubs on Sunday to travel to Guimaras. Geologists opine that the island formed one landmass with Panay in the past. Guimaras was formerly known as Himal-us. Guimaras is also famous for its beaches. Clear blue waters, white sand and marine life rivals the beautiful island of Boracay. Commonly visited ones are at Roca Encantada, Alubihod and Puerto del Mar.”

Since this trip wasn’t plan at all, we just asked our way around town and found the port that serves Guimaras.

The boat fare was very cheap, I think it was just P13 per person and the trip took just less than ten minutes.

From the pier we decided to take a jeepney going to the Trappist Monastery. I’ve heard a lot about this monastery and made my curiosity and interest grew.

trappist monastery

The monastery was of course very serene and quiet. You could actually stay here if you want as long as you get permission prior to getting here.

After visiting the Trappist Monastery, we’ve decided to go to the Pawikan Center where they are currently taking care of two hawksbill turtle and two green sea turtle. It was my first time to see sea turtles and I was ecstatic with the experience.

sea turtle

The most economical way of touring around the island was to hire a tricycle for a couple of hundred pesos. Guimaras is also known for its white sand beaches but we didn’t bother of visiting them anymore because we’re heading to Boracay in a couple of days.

We were on our way back to the pier when we suddenly remembered the main reason why we went to Guimaras. We then asked the tricycle driver to take us to any fruit vendors so we could get a taste of the World Famous Guimaras mangoes.

We bought a kilo for only P50 which is unbelievably cheap. We were so excited to eat it right away but the vendor said that it would be ripe on the following day.

Guimaras and Her Famous Mangoes
(Too bad we don’t have the picture of the ripe ones)

We went back to our hostel in Iloilo City and left the following morning for Boracay.


  1. ☮Pinay Travel Junkie☮ says:

    hmm, i find the mangoes a bit pricey. in manila we can buy a kilo for as low as P35. i'm pretty sure it's worth it though, so long as the ones you bought lived up to its name 🙂

  2. flipnomad says:

    @gaye: yeah they're really sweet :-)saka yellow na yellow yung mga mangga na nabili namin, walng mga black stains na usually nakikita sa mga mangga dito nakakaaliw.

  3. the flip is finally back!!! Woooohoooo
    we missed you much!

  4. flipnomad says:

    hehehe thanks ron 🙂

  5. pinoy boy journals says:

    flip, you should have also gone to the beach. i think guimaras has the best beaches in visayas. also indeed it is the sweetest mango i've ever eaten in my life.. good to know you had so much fun in guimaras. i wish to go back and squeeze it in july.

    btw, very nice lay-out! glad to read more of your stories..

  6. flipnomad says:

    we didnt go to the beach anymore jerik because we were en route to boracay to meet some friends… thanks… took me alot of time to change the layout 🙂

  7. pinoy boy journals says:

    its very nice! i hope to read more from you, very inspirational i must say! who knows maybe one day you, me and pinaytraveljunkie could all travel together! that must be one hell of a trip eh?

  8. that would be nice, gaye, you and i on an island… parang survivor philippines or amazing race hehehe

  9. ☮Pinay Travel Junkie☮ says:

    haha, gusto ko amazing race para palipat-lipat ng bansa!

  10. ayus din yan! 🙂

  11. Cagayan de Oro map says:

    Wow, I will not only have a taste of their famous mangoes, I can also see and actually touch a live turtle there! I can't wait to visit Guimaras!


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