Boracay for the Cheapskates

Boracay is a world famous beach in the south of the Philippines. There may be countless websites that were made solely for Boracay. It has been the source of pride for most Filipinos as well. If you’re a foreigner coming to the Philippines, most people will definitely suggest Boracay as one of your prospective destinations.

Some facts about Boracay from Wikipedia

“The island was originally home to the Ati tribe. Boracay is part of Aklan Province, which became an independent province on April 25, 1956. Formerly undiscovered, it wasn’t till the 1970s that tourism began to develop in Boracay, and the island became popular with backpackers in the 1980s.Years ago, Boracay Island was a well-guarded secret, almost possessively so that only a few knew of its existence.

It was only in the 70s when, it is said, a foreign movie crew accidentally “discovered” this island paradise. Others maintain that it was the German traveler, ‘Jens Peters’ book, which included rave reviews of Boracay that changed the island’s pace from that of being a quiet secret to eventually being voted as having the best beach in the world.”

Boracay for the Cheapskates

We arrived in Jetty Port around 5PM. This was already my third time in this infamous island and I couldn’t wait to just chill and relax but at the same time I was worried with the possible cost that we might incur. Boracay is known to be a little pricey when it comes to almost anything.

We already started paying our dues even before we landed on the shores of this island. We paid P50 for the Terminal fee and P50 for the Environmental Fee. Another P25 went for the boat ride. Wheeew! It’s already P125 even before we boarded the boat.

We were asking some tricycle drivers as soon as we got off the boat regarding some cheap lodgings that they might know. They laughed at us when we mentioned our budget for it. So we just decided to board the tricycle, get off at Station 2 and just walk around and ask around.

Fortunately, a kind, old lady boarded the same tricycle and started chatting with us. We mentioned that we’re looking for a cheap hostel and she suggested that we drop by DepEd and ask if they could accommodate us. And so we did.

We were surprised and grateful that they only asked P250 per head for the room. The room is near the roadside and it’s very clean and well maintained. The staff too were very kind and courteous.

Now that the accommodation concern has been resolved, we started walking along the roadside looking for cheap places to eat. We found a cozy, clean and most of all affordable restaurant near our lodging.

The vegetable dishes cost only P25 and the meat dishes cost around P30 and up. There’s also a nearby water refill station where we usually go to instead of buying bottled water.

Two of my other friends followed soon after a couple of days and spent the rest of the week with us. We had a grand vacation that didn’t break the bank.

I never thought that Boracay could be this affordable for cheapskates like me.


You too could have a trip of a lifetime without spending too much. Just ask around and you’ll find a cheap option for almost everything anywhere in the world.


Don’t leave the island without trying their famous Chorizo Burger! 🙂



  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Boracay is great. We`ll also be there again in 4 weeks. You find more budget rooms at Station 3 area. This time we choosed Ocean Breeze Inn. Cant wait to be there again !! 😉

  2. flipnomad says:

    wow! enjoy your vacation. would love to hear your stories about boracay

  3. When I was in the Philippines I was hoping to take a trip with my wife to Boracay, but it just never panned out. We had to just be happy with the beaches along the Hundred Islands national park.

  4. flipnomad says:

    hundred islands national park is also nice 🙂 when you visit the philippines again, let me know maybe I could tour you around manila

  5. June (An Asian Traveler) says:

    Wow, P250 per head for the room? That's really cheap.

  6. flipnomad says:

    yeah June, we got lucky we found a very cheap accommodation 🙂

  7. I thought Deped is located in station 3 ? were goin to bora this april so Its in station 2 ? the Deped? pls help to find it easily and canyou give me the contact no. pls.

  8. flipnomad says:

    @kairon: the deped (decs) is at the roadside a few meters away from dmall. you won't miss it 🙂 its beside the school…the tricycle drivers know that place 🙂

    sorry i dont have their contact number, we just got there by pure luck after meeting this kind lady…

  9. Anonymous says:

    hi. i just read about decs hostel. you mentioned 250php rate per person, is that per night? thank you so much 🙂

  10. flipnomad says:

    yup it's per night

  11. brilliant idea of interviewing backpackers, claps! it's very interesting to know how they started, specially the best and most unforgetable trip they had.. Ü

    here's my share: my P5,000 boracay challenge:

  12. wow Doms is next in line. Favorite ko yan at Nina and Gael Hilotin! Ü

  13. thanks for sharing chyng, nice blog by the way 🙂

  14. hi. thank you so much for this post. i hope it is still 250php especially for this month which is still a peak season in boracay because i’m really on a tight budget. or at least below 500php. hoping… 🙂


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