Getting an Indian Visa in Nepal

By the third week of August 2009 I was already in Kathmandu. I was excited because Nepal was part of my dream destination ever since I got bitten by the travel bug. I shared a taxi to Thamel with another guy I met in the airport. As we drove from the airport to the city center, Kathmandu gave me an idea of what India looks like.

A lot of people were wearing colorful Indian clothes. Another thing that I noticed was the facial feature of Nepalese. A lot of them looks like Indians and lot of them looks like Filipinos, tan skin, with small dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.

We got off at Thamel and started looking for a cheap guesthouse. I couldn’t remember the exact amount that I paid but I’m sure it’s less than five dollars for a night. The room was big and had two beds that I shared with another traveler to save some money.

The first thing I did when I arrived in Kathmandu was talked to different travel agencies about getting my Indian visa. I was horrified when they said that I might not get it in Kathmandu because I’m a Filipino. The first time I heard it I was almost speechless. I went from one travel agency to another and received the same advice, I felt numb.

I was afraid that I might do a re-route to Bangkok just to get an Indian visa which would definitely hurt my so called budget. I talked to the guesthouse owner as well and he said that the reason behind that rule was the bad reputation that Filipinos have in Nepal.

I asked if there would be a chance that I might get it. He took a peek at my passport and examined the entry and exit dates in al stamps and said that I might because of the credibility of the passport and the existence of visas from USA and Europe.

I repeatedly went back to the Indian Embassy and applied it myself. After waiting for a couple of hours I was finally called. I was told that I could only get three months instead of the six months that I was asking for.

I pleaded, “Could you please give me six months?”

The officer said, “No!”

“Five months?”




I conceded, “I’m ok with three!”

After a few visits to the embassy, I got my Indian Visa.

Wheeeeeeeeew! I finally could leave Thamel after staying there for ten days.

Check Indian Embassy Online for some updates. The process might change from time to time.

Here are some of the pictures I took while waiting in Kathmandu.

Getting an Indian Visa in Nepal






  1. Hello There,


    I was reading your blog and it is very interesting. I just want to ask something regarding Nepal and India. I will be going to Kathamndu in November thru Air Asia promo.

    For Pinoys we can now go to India using Visa on Arrival. In your case, From Kathmandu to India ( Which part ) was your first itinerary. Did you take it by plane or by bus?

    I want to go to Delhi, Jaipur and Agra too after Kathmandu.

    Another thing, Mt. Everest Base Camp, how is it accessible from Kathmandu City proper? Is it by chopper or is there any bust that takes you there.



  2. Hi!

    I’m a US citizen, currently living in Indonesia and trying to apply for an Indian visa online (eventually by mail) but it has become a huge pain in the ass and I have hit a roadblock in the application because of the websites technical glitches. I am going to be going into Nepal before India and have been fishing around to see how possible it is to obtain an Indian visa via Kathmandu, and what the process is like? Difficult? Tedious? How long it takes, etc. It seems like you were able to get it done fairly simply. I am only looking to stay in India for a couple of weeks, so the three month visa doesn’t matter. Any suggestions or comments? Thanks!!


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